These are the 5 cheapest electric scooters, you can save thousands of rupees every month by buying

By | December 31, 2021

Due to the rising inflation of petrol and diesel in India, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. Giving more priority to electric scooters, Indian middle class is considering electric two wheelers as the best option for intercity mobility due to economical maintenance and easy driving. If you are also thinking of buying electric vehicles, then today we will tell you about some such electric two wheelers, which can take home up to 50 thousand rupees.

Hero Electric Dash

The ex-showroom price of Hero Dash is Rs 62 thousand. Apart from this, Hero Electric also showcased the Extended Range (ER) variants Optima and Nyx. The price of Hero Optima ER is Rs 68,721 (ex-showroom, India) and the price of Hero Nyx ER is Rs 69,754 (ex-showroom, India). The Hero Dash will get a 48V 28 Ah Li-Ion battery. This electric scooter takes four hours to get fully charged once. It can cover a distance of 60 km on full charge. The ground clearance (145mm) of the scooter is also good.

Bounce Infinity E1

There are two options available in Bounce Infinity E1. The ex-showroom price of this scooter in Delhi is Rs 45,099. The e-scooter with battery and charger is priced at Rs 68,999 (Delhi Ex-Showroom Price), while the scooter without battery is priced at Rs 45,099 (Delhi ex-showroom) and battery-as-a-service (Battery-As-A-Service). ) comes with a subscription.

Ampere Magnus Pro

This electric bike gives you a driving range of 75 kms on a single charge and its price starts from Rs 49,999. It has a lithium ion battery. Its weight is 82 kg. It has a 1200W battery. Its top speed is 50 kilometers per hour.

Avon E Scoot

This scooter can be bought for 45 thousand rupees. This scooter can give a driving range of 65 kms. It has a 215w motor. Also, VRLA type battery has been given in it. Avon E Lite will be available for just Rs 28,000 and its mileage is up to 50 km on a single charge.

The Flash is a lightweight and stylish electric scooter and its main advantage is its low cost. It has been made keeping in mind that customers can get great performance along with comfort. The design of the Flak e-scooter is quite attractive. It gets many advanced features like LED headlights, mobile charging. Its weight is only 69 kg. The scooter can be purchased from Rs 46640 to Rs 59640. Its driving range is 85 km, which works on per charge.