Special GK of Assam Govt. Job Exam- Sankardev & Madhabdev Gk


1. Which language was used by Sankardeva to write Bargeet

A) Assamese

B) Bengali

C) Brajavali

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Brajavali

2. ‘Kirtan Ghoshais’was written by

A) Laksminath Bezbaruah

B) Madhabdeva

C) Srimanta Sankardeva

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Srimanta Sankardeva

3. Which work of Sankardeva is considered as the epitome of Bhagavad

A) Kirtan Ghosha

B) Naam Ghosha

C) Gunamala

D) Bhim charit

Ans (A) Kirtan Ghosha

4. Srimanta Sankardeva was able to establish’ Eksharan naam dharma’during which king’s rule

A) Bhaskar Barman

B) Viswa Singha

C) Naranarayan

D) Chilarai

Ans(C) Naranayana

5.One of the disciples of Sankardev was

A) Lachit Barphukan

B) Madhav kandali

C) Naranarayana

D) Chand Khan

Ans(D) Chand khan

6.Who authored the great Assamese Classis “Namghosa”

A) Sankardeva

B) Madhabdeva

C) Ram Saraswati

D) none of the above


7.In which year was Srimanta Sankardeva born

A) 1449

B) 1455

C) 1475

D) None of the above

Ans(A) 1949

8 . With context to a culture of Assam, what is “Jaapi”

A) Conical hat made from bamboo

B) Folk dance of Assam

C) Silk knitted fabrics

D) none of the above

Ans(A) Conical hat made from bamboo

9 . With  context to culture of Assam,what is “Ankia Nat”

A) An one-act play native to Assam

B) a musical instrument

C) a tribe of assam

D) a traditional craft made from bamboo

Ans (A) An one-act play native to Assam

10. The capital of Varmana Dynasty of Kamrup kingdom was

A) Pragjyotishpur

B) Gargaon

C) Saraideu

D) none of the above

Ans. (A) Pragjyotishpur

11. Which city is called “City of Eastern Astrology”

A) Pragjyotishpur

B) Harupeswar

C) Sri Duriya

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Pragjyotishpur

12.In ancient Kamrup,”Brahmadeya” land was gifted to

A) Gods

B) Yogis

C) Brahma

D) Brahmans

Ans (D) Brahmans

13.The earliest historical dynasty of Assam was that of the

A) Palas

B) Varmans

C) Narakas

D) Salasttambhas

Ans (B) Varmans

14.Who had established the Varmana dynasty in Assam

A) Bhuti Varman

B) Mahendra Varman

C) pushyaa Varman

D) none of the above

Ans(c) Pusya Varman

15.Who was the founder of pala dynasty

A) Brahmapala

B) Rampala

C) Tyagasingha

D) None of the above

Ans(A) Brahmapala

16.Durjaya was capital of

A) Pala Dynasty

B) Varmana Dynasty

C) Nraka Dynasty

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Pala Dynasty

17.In Mahabharata the tittle  “lord of the Mlecha” was given to

A) Naraka

B) Bhagadutta

C) Salastambha

D) none of the above

Ans(B) Bhagadutta

18 . During Bhaskar Varman’s reign the major industry in kamrupa was

A) arrow making

B) boat building

C) furniture work

D) none of the above

Ans ( B) Boat building

19 . what was the staple crop in ancient Assam

A) barly

B) coconut

C) rice

D) wheat

Ans (C) Rice

20. The name of the kamrupa ruler who left his seal at Nalanda

A) Balavarman

B) Bhagadutta

C) Bhaskarvarman

D) Ratnapal

Ans (C) Bhaskarvarman

21.”Kumar Raja “ tittle was given to

A) Bhaskarvarman

B) Harshavardhan

C) Pusyavarman

D) Samudrabarman

Ans (A) Bhaskarvarmana

22. Who was the last ruler of of khen dynasty

A) Prithu

B) Sandhya

C) Nilambar

D) none of the above

Ans (D) none of the above

23. who defeated the Khen ruler Nilambar in 1498

A) Allauddin Hussain Shah

B) Mirjumla

C) Pramatta singh

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Allauddin Hussain Shah

24.who was the first king of  Koch dynasty

A) Chilarai

B) Nranarayan

C) Bishwa singha

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Bishwa singha

25.Koch dynasty got divided into two parts. East part of the kingdom was known as

Koch Hajo.What was the western part

A) Koch Bhajo

B) Koch Bihar

C) Koch Nagar

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Koch Bihar

26. who introduced a silver coin named’ Narayani ‘ during his rule

A) Chilarai

B) Naranarayana

C) Bishwa singha

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Naranarayana

27. who was the first ruler  of Koch Hajo division of Koch dynasty

A) Laksmi Narayana

B) Naranarayana

C) Raghudev Narayana

D) Bijit  Narayana

Ans (C) Raghudev  Narayana

28. who was the founder of Bijni Branch of Koch Royal family

A) Parikhit Narayan

B) Laksmi Narayan

C) Bijit Narayan

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Bijit Narayan

29 Laksmi Narayana was the first ruler of which  dynasty.

A) Koch dynasty

B) Koch Bihar portion of Koch dynasty

C) Koch Hajo portion of Koch Dynasty

D) none of the above

Ans  (B) Koch Bihar portion of Koch dynasty

30.Harshadev or Sri Harsha ,a famous king,belonged to which Dynasty

A) Varman Dynasty

B) Pala Dynasty

C) Ahom Dynasty

D) Salastambha Dynasty

Ans (D) Salastambha Dynasty

31. who was the first king of Assam to perform ‘Aswagamedha yagna’

A) Pusyavarman

B) Bhaskarvarman

C) Mahendravarman

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Mahendravarman

32. Dimapur was the capital of

A) Kachari kings

B) Ahom Kings

C) Chutia Kings

D) Naga Kings

Ans (A) Kachari kings

33. In which year ,Sukapha established Ahom kingdom in Charaideu

A)  1253

B) 1272

C) 1296

D) None of the above

Ans (A) 1253

34. The first Ahom monarch to assume the Hindu title” Swarganarayan”was

A) Siva singha

B) Pratap Singha

C) Jayadhwaj Singha

D) Suhungmung

Ans (D) Suhungmung

35. which site in Assam is the traditional burial site of the Ahom kings

A) Garhgaon

B) Rangpur

C) Charaideu

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Charaideu

36. The ahom rulers was first to turn the Kachari kings as Thapita and Sanchita was

A) Suhungmung

B) Jayadhawj Singha

C) Rudra Singha

D) Pratap Singha

Ans (A) Suhungmung

37. Which Ahom queen built the Sivadol in Sivasagar

A) Ambika Kunwori

B) Kuranganayani

C) Mulagabharu

D) Phuleswari

Ans (D) Phuleswari

38. Which Swargadeu shifted the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from Garhgaon to Rangpur

A) Gadadhar singha

B) Rudra singha

C) Siva Singha

D) Sukhrangpha

Ans (B) Rudra singha

39. Which one of the following rulers is considered as Shivaji of North-Eastern India

A) Rudra singha

B) Pratap Singha

C) Gadadhar Singha

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Rudra singha

40.Which  Ahom king is also known as” Bamuni Konwar”

A) Sudangpha

B) suphakpha

C) susenpha

D) Sutupha

Ans (A) Sudangpha

41.The shape of the coins of Ahom region was

A) Circular

B) Hexagonal

C) Octagonal

D) Squar

Ans (C) Octangonal

42.The tittle of address of an Ahom king was

A) Swargadeu

B) Maharaja

C) Samrat

D) Raja

Ans (A) Swargadeu

43.Who first introduced the cremation of the dead among the Ahoms

A) Mumai Tamuli

B) Phuleswari konwari

 C)  Siva singha

D) Suhungmung

Ans (B) Phuleswari konwari

44. which of the following Ahom king singed the treaty of Majuli with Koch King Naranarayan

A) Pramatta Singha

B) Rudra Singha

C) Sukapha

D) Sukhampha

Ans (D) Sukhampha

45.Treaty of Ghilajari was signed between the Ahoms and the Mughal forces led by

Mirjumla on Jan 23

A) 1663

B) 1666

C) 1681

D) none of the above

Ans (A) 1663

46.The king nicknamed as Bhagaraja was

A) Sutiyampha

B) Sutamla

C) Surampha

D) sunyapha

Ans(C) Surampha

47.The shiva dol was constructed during the reign og

A) Pramatta singha

B) Rudra Singha

C) Purandar Singha

D) Siba singha

Ans (D) Siba Singha

48.The ahom king Sudangpha was better known by which name

A) Dihingia raja

B) Bamuni konwar

C) Lora Raja

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Lora raja

49. Dimapur, the capital of the Kachari Kingdom was occupied by the ahom king

A) Rudra singha

B) Gadadhhar singha

C) Suhungmung

D) none of the above

Ans(C) Suhungmung

50. The first capital of The Ahom Kingdom was

A) Sadia

B) Charaideu

C) Garhgaon

D) none of the above

Ans(B) Garhgaon

51. Rangghar was built by

A) King Rajeswar singha

B) King Rudra singha

C) King pramatta singha

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Pramatta Singha

52.The first capital of ahom kingdom was established at

A) Saraighat

B) Nagaon

C) Charaideu

D) Goalpara

Ans(C) Charaideu

53. Who was the ahom ruler

A) sudangpha

B) sukapha

C) purandar singha

D) none of the above

Ans(C) Purandar singha

54.the battle of saraighat was fought between Ahom and the Mughal in the year

A) 1290

B) 1616

C) 1671

D) 1771

Ans (C) 1671

55. Who discovered the occurance  of oil in Assam

A) Lieut R.Wilcox

B) Major R.Willox

C) Robert Bruce

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Lieut R.Wilcox

56. During which Ahom king reign ,the saraighat battele was ended with decisive win over Mughal

A) Chakradhwaj singha

B) Jayadhwaj singha

C) pratap singha

D) Udayaditya singha

Ans(D) Udayaditya singha

57.Which Ahom king created the ‘Barbarua and ‘Barphukan’post

A) Dihingia raja

B) Laksmi singha

C) pratap singha

D) none of the above

Ans(C) Pratap singha

58.Which one was the last capital of the ahom kingdom

A) Charaideu

B) Garhgaon

C) Jorhat

D) none of the above

Ans(C) Jorhat

59. which dynasty made their capital of Maibang

A) Jayanti

B) khansi

C) kachari

D) none of the above

Ans (c) kachari

60. Name of the three capital of Ahom kingdom at different eras

A) Tipam,Namrup,Gargaon

B) Moran,Bhogdai,charing

C) Charaideu,Gargaon,jorhat

D) none of the above

Ans (c) Charaideu,Gargon,jorhat

61. one of the first ever Barbaruaas of ahom kingdom also  achived a memorable reputation. Name both father and son duo.

A) Father-Sataram Bejbaruah,Son-Kaliabhora Barphukan

B) Father-Momai Tamuli Bejbaruah,Son-Lachit Barphukan

C)Father-Bholanath Barbarua,son-Harinath Barphukon

D) none of the above

Ans(B)Father- Momai Tamuli Bejbarua,Son-Lachit Barpkukan

62.The posts of Barbarua and Barphukan were created by

A) Steopha

B) Supatpha

C) Pratap singha

D) None of the above

Ans(C) Pratap singha

63.which tribe of the North –East celebrates the ‘Agalmaka’festival

A) Garo

B) Dimasa

C) Missing

D) none  of the above

Ans (A) Garo

64. The ‘ medam-me- phi ‘ festival is celebrated by

A) Bodos

B) Ahoms

C) Rabhas

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Ahoms

65’.Medam –me-phi ‘ festival is celebrated annually on

A) 31 January

B) 31july

C) 31 august

D) 31 Dec

Ans (A) 31 January

66.Lachit divas is celebrated on






67.Swahid dibas is celebrated on


B)  14TH NOV



Ans(A) 10THDEC

68.The Assam day is celebrated on

A) 2ND   DEC


C) 17 th oct

D) TH  of the above

Ans (A) 2NDDEC

69.From which year the ahom diwas or the sukapha divas is celebted on 2nd dec

A) 1994

B) 1995

C) 1996


Ans(c) 1996

70.During whose reign, Chinese traveler Hsuantsang  visited Assam

A) Bhaskar Varman

B) Naranarayan

C) Rudra Singha

D) none of the above

Ans(A) Bhaskar Varman

71.Hemma Saraswati was member of which kings court

A) Mallvade

B) Ratnapala

C)  Bhaskar Varman

D) Durlabh narayan

Ans(D) Durlabh narayans

72.where is the capital of the pala  king Ratnapala Located

A) Malladeva

B) Ratnapala

C) kamrupnagar

D) Sri Duriya

Ans(D) Sri Duriya

73. what was the original of chilarai

A) Detsung

B) Sulkadhwaj

C) Malladeva

D) none of the above

Ans (B) sukladhwaj

74.Which freedom fighter of Assam refused to accept the tamrapatra and said “With all my profound sense of grmblyatitude to the well wishers of the

Gov,I would like to say humbly that I did not take part in the India’s freedom movement with an intense to get something return

A) Rohini Chaudhuri

B) puspalata das

C) Nilamoni Phukan

D) Kamala Miri

Ans(B) Puspalata das

75.who was the president of the Swaraj Party in Assam during freedom movement

A) Bishnuram Medhi

B) Gopinath Bardoloi

C) Tarun ram Phukan

D) none of the  above

Ans(C) Tarun Ram Phukan

76. When the uprising of Patharughat took place

A) 1857

B) 1864

C) 1889

D) 1894

Ans (D) 1894

77.Who was the first Assamese to join the Indian National Congress during the second session held in 1886

A) Nabin Chandra Bardoloi

B) Tarunram phukan

C) Devicharan Baruah

D) none of the above

Ans(A) Nabin Chandra Bardoloi



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