Indian History-Magadha Empire & Gupta Dynasty

Magadha Empire

1) Haryanka Dynasty: Originally founded in 566 BC by the grandfather of Bimbisara Named Brihdratha but actually founded by Bimbisara.

i) Bimbisara: Ajatshatru is the son of Bimbisara. He killed his father Bimbisara & seized the throne.

ii) Udayin: He founded the new capital at Patliputra, situated at the confluence of the Ganga and Son. Last kind of Magadhaempire was Nag Dasak.


Shishunaga Dynasty

i) Founded by Shishunaga.

ii) Shishunaga was succeeded by Kalashok, in his reign where the 2nd Buddhist council was held.

iii) The last kind was Nandi Bardan.


Nanda Dynasty

i) First non-Kshatriya dynasty. Founder was Mahapadma Nanda.

ii) Alexander attacked India in their reign in 326 BC. Dhana Nanda was the kind at that time & he was the last kind & end of Nanda Dynasty.


The Mauryan Dynasty

Chandragupta Maurya(322-298BC): With the help of Chanakya , who is also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta, he overthrew the Nandas and established the rule of the Mauryan Dynasty.  He defeated Selucus Necator in 305 BC. A Greek Ambassador Megasthenes(Sent by Selucus) visited his court. Megasthenes wrote the great book “Indica”.



He is the son of Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara in 297 BC. At the time of his death almost the entire subcontinent came under the Mauryan rule.


Ashoka(269 BC-236BC):

Ashoka is the son of Bindusara.One of the greatest king of all time. There are 14 major rock edict inscription ,17 minor rock edict & 12 pillar edict inscriptions.

i) Kalinga War(261 BC mentioned in XIII rock edict): After Kalinga war changed his attitude towards life & became a Buddhist aft

er that-

a) built the Sanchi Stupa.

b) Shrinagar was founded by Ashoka.


The Gupta Dynasty(313-350BC)

The first two kings of the dynasty were Srigupta & Ghatotkacha.

Chandragupta I

i) First important king ofGupta Dynasty

ii) Started the Gupta era in AD 319-320.


i) The Gupta kingdom was enlarged enormously by Chandragupta’s Son and succeeded by Samudragupta.

ii) Samudragupta is called the Nepoleon of India.


Chandragupta II(AD 375-415)

i) His court was adorned by celebrated nine gems(navaratna) including Kalidasa ,Amarsimha, Varahmihir , Dhanavantri.

ii) Chinese Pilgrim Fahienvisited  India at this time.

iii) Panchtantra was authored by one of his gems Vishnu Sharma.


Kumargupta(AD 415-455)

Founded Nalanda University.

Skandagupta(AD 455-467)

i) Kumargupta was followed by Skandagupta.

ii) After his death, the great days of the Gupta were over.