Entries are invited for the following journalism awards for reports published during the year 2019.

(a) Rabindra Nath Sarma Memorial Award: For investigative journalism on Human Rights.

(b) Kunjabala Devi Memorial Award: For investigative journalism on Women’s Issue The awards instituted in memory of late Rabindra Nath Sarma, freedom fighter and lawyer, and his wife Kunjabala Devi, carry a cash prize of Rs. 30,000 (Rupees thirty thousand only) and a citation each. The entries should reach the undersigned by 20th September, 2020. The terms and conditions are as follows: 1. The competition is open to all journalists working full time or part-time, for registered daily, twice-a-week and weekly newspapers published from the North East region in Assamese, English, Bengali, or Hindi.

2. Investigative reports on human rights issues will include violations of human rights in any form, work rendered by individuals, organizations or NGOs for creating awareness and strengthening the system to preserve human rights and such other issues. Unknown facts brought to light by investigative reporting will be more appreciated.

3. Investigative reports on women’s issues will include crimes against women, the injustice meted out to women, women’s welfare work rendered by individuals or organizations, work is done by NGOs for women’s welfare, oppression of women, and such other issues. Unknown facts brought to light by investigative reporting will be more appreciated.

4. The incidents/happenings covered by such reports must have the North East as locale.

5. News items/news stories appearing in the journalists’ bylines are preferred. But if such reports are published without a byline, the candidates/ competitor must provide proof that the writing concerned is actually his/hers. All such entries published in newspapers must be authenticated by the Editor concerned.

6. Entries sent by the journalist himself/herself or sent by other sponsors will be examined by a panel of judges to be appointed for the purpose and the panel’s The decision will be final.

7. The entries should be photocopies of the articles/ news items published during the calendar year 2019 that is, between January and December-31, 2019. The dates of publication of the items must be mentioned.

Convenor Rabindra Nath Sarma & Kunjabala Devi Memorial Award Committee Tribune Buildings, Guwahati-781003

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