General Knowledge of North-East India: MCQ Type GK

Q 1. A woman revolutionary who while receiving her degree at the convocation at the

University of Culcutta from the governor of Bengal shot him was?

A) Kalpana Dutta

B) Bina Das

C) Pritilata Waddedar

D) None of the above

Ans (B) Bina Das

Q 2. Which one is the only Assamese who represented India in the First Round Table conference

Held at London in 1930?

A) Chandradhar Barua

B) Tarun Ram Phukon

C) Gopinath Bardoloi

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Chandradhar Barua

Q 3. who among the following was the leader of the 1857 revolt in Assam?

A) Piyali Barua

B)  Kushal Kowar

C) Maniram Dewan

D) None of the above

Ans (C) Maniram Dewan

Q 4.Who among the following from Assam joined the Fampous Dandi March?

A) Nabin Chandra Bardoloi

B) Liladhar Barua

C) Tarun Ram Phukan

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Liladhar Barua

Q 5. Maniram Dewan and PIyali Barua were hanged on?

A) 20th Mar 1861

B)   21st April, 1865

C) 26th Feb 1858

D) none of the above

Ans (C) 26thFeb, 1858

Q 6. Kanaklata Barua became a martyr of which one of the following national movements?

A) Non-Corporation movement

B) Quit India movement

C) Civil disobedient movement

D) None of the above

Ans (B) Quit India movement

Q 7. Who was the first martyr of 1942 Revolution of Assam?

A) Kushal Kowar

B) Kamala Miri

C) Kanaklata Barua

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Kanaklata Barua

Q 8. Along with Piyali Phukan ,who was hanged in 1830?

A) Jeuram Dalia

B) Gomdhar Kowar

C) Dhananjay Bargoha

D) None of the above

Ans (A ) Jeuram Dalia

Q 9. Who was the British officer who was beaten to death during the uprising in Assam?

A) Lt. Singer

B) Lt. Bruce

C) Lt Welch

D) None of the above

Ans (A) Lt. Singer

Q 10. who was the Matak territory annexed to the British domination?

A) 1826

B) 1842

C) 1862

D) none of the above

Ans (B)1842

Q 11. In the Quit India Movement of 1942,Kanaklata and Mukunda kakoti were shot dead by the

British police at

A) Biswanath

B) Gahpur

C) Sonitpur

D) Tezpur

Ans (B) Gahpur

Q 12. Sadullah’s Coalition ministry took place on ?

A) 1st Mar 1937

B) 1st April,  1937

C)  2nd Jan, 1940

D) None of the above

Ans (B) 1stApril, 1937

Q 13. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by?

A)  Piyali Phukan

B) Maniram Dewan

C) Gomdhar Konwar

D) None of the above

Ans (c) Gomdhar Konwar

Q 14. The first  Assamese woman  to undergo imprisonment due to participation  in the freedom struggle was?

A) Guneswari Devi

B) Pushpala Das

C) Dariki Kachai

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Pushpala das

Q 15. During the freedom struggle, the “Mrityu Bahini” was formed by?

A) Chandraprabha saikiani

B) pushpalata Das

C) Rani Gaidinliu

D) None of the above

Ans (B) Pushpata das

Q 16. In which year Gopinath Bardoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement?

A) 1915

B) 1922

C) 1920

D) None of the above

Ans (B) 1922

Q 17. Gopinatha Bardoloi received Bharat Ratna in?

A) 1964

B) 1975

C) 1999

D) none of the above

Ans (C) 1999

Q 18.Who had conferred Gopinath Bardoloi with the title “Lokpriya”?

A) Braj Kumar Nehru

B) Jairam Das Daulatram

C) Saiyid Fazal Ali

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Jairam Das Daulatram

Q 19. The first chief minister of Assam?

A) Hiteswar Saikia

B) Tarun Gogoi

C) Gopinath Bardoloi

D) None of the above

Ans (C) Gopinath Bardoloi

Q 20. Which one of the following marks the beginning of medieval era of Assam history?

A) establishment of Kamrupa kingdom

B) establishment of Kamata kingdom

C) Sukapha invading Assam

D) None of the above

Ans(B) establishment of kamata kingdom

Important GK of Assam North East India

Q 21. IN which year ,Bhupen Hajarika was elected the president of ”Aassam Sahitya Sabha?

A) 1988

B) 1990

C) 1993

D) None of the Above

Ans (C) 1993

Q 22 .when Bhupen Hajarika had been awarded with “Dadasaheb Phalke Bata?

A) 1990

B) 1992

C) 1993

D) 1997

Ans (B) 1992

Q 23. Dr. Bhupen Hajarika began his carrer as a teacher in which of the following universities?

A) Benaras Hindu universities

B) Colombia universities

C) Dibrugarh universities

D) Gauhati Universities

Ans (D) Gauhati Universities

Q 24. Late dr Bhupen Hajarika won the Nattional award for best music director for which of the following movies?

A) Rodali

B) Damini< /p>

C) Inrdramalati

D) sameli memsahib

Ans (D) Sameli memsahab

Q 25. India’s longest river bridge that the dholasadia bidge in Assam is named as

A) Bhupen Hajarika bridge

B) Sadia road bridge

C) Bagibil bridge

D) NONE of the above

Ans ( A) Bhupen Hajarika bridge

Q 26. The total length of dhola xadia bridge is

A) 9.15 km

B) 9.8 km

C) 9.2 km

D) None of the above

Ans (A) 9.15

Q 27. Which one is the first film directed by Bhupen Hazarika?

A) Chikmik Bijuli

B) Era bator xur

C) pratidhwani

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Era bator xur

Q 28. The treaty of Yandaboo singed between East India Company and which one of the following?

A) Ahom king

B) Chutiya king

C) Kachari king

D) king of Burma

Ans (D) king of Burma

Q 29. The treaty of  Yandaboo was performed in the year?

A) 1820

B) 1822

C) 1824

D)  1826

Ans (D) 1826

Q 30.  The first  phase of moamaria rebellion was started in

A) 1949

B) 1759

C) 1769

D) 1779

Ans (C) 1779

Q 31. Assam’s forests cover is about____ of the total area

A) 22 percent

B) 40 percent

C) 60 percent

D) none of the above

Ans (A) 22 percent

Q 3 2. The Assam legislative assembly came into being on?

A)  April 7, 1927

B) April 7, 1937

C) April 7, 1939

D) None of the above

 Ans (B) April 7, 1937

Q 33. Who was the first speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly?

A) Babu Basanta kumar Das

B) Vishnu Sahai

C) Arvind Dave

D) none of the above

Ans ( A) Babu  Basanta  Das

Q 34. How many parliamentary constituencies in Assam?

A) 12

B) 14

C) 13

D) None of the above

Ans(B) 14

Q 35. In Assam Legislative Assembly Constituency, how many seats are there for STs?

A) 16

B) 15

C) 17

D) None of the above

Ans (A) 16

Q 36. Which of the following state is popularly known as the ethnological museum of India?

A) Nagaland

B) Assam

C) up

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Assam

Q 37. The Gauhati Highcourt as of today emerged from the High court of

A) North East

B) Assam

C) Sikkim

D) Calcutta

Ans (B) Assam

Q 38. The first Chief justice of Gauhati High Court Was?

A) Chief.justice K Goel

B) Chief justice Holiram Deka

C) Chief justice J.Chelameswar

D) Chief Justice T.S Misra

Ans(B) Chief justice Haliram Deka

Q 39. Which of the following was never the chief justice of Gauhati High Court?

A) Chief justice Sarjoo Prasad

B) Chief justice c.p Sinha

C) Chief justice Altamas Kabir

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Chief justice c.p Sinha

Q 40. The Assam legislative assembly adopted a resolution that a High court be established for the province of Assam on?

A) 9th Sep, 1945

B) 9th Sep, 1946

C) 9th Sep, 1947

D) none of the above

Ans (C) 9th Sep, 1947

Q 41. Th

e Assam high court initially had its sitting at

A) Agartala

B) Shilong

C) Itanagar

D) Imphal

Ans (B) Shilong

Q 42. The Assam High Court was shifted to Gauhati from?

A) 14th August,1947

B) 04th August, 1947

C) 14th August 1948

D) none of the above

Ans (B) 14thAugust 1948

Q 43. The Assam high court initially had it’s sitting at?

A) Agartala

B) Shillong

C) Itanagar

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Shillong

Q 44. The Assam high court was shifted to Gauhati from

A) 14th Aug 1948

B) 14th Aug 1947

C) 4 Aug 1947

D) None of the above

Ans 4 Aug, 1947

Q 45. The literacy rate of the State of Assam is?

A) 53.18{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

B) 63.18{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

C) 72.19{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

D) None of the above

Ans (C) 72.19 {37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

Q 46.The first judge of the Gauhati Highcourt who was elevated to the supreme court of

India was?

A) Justice P.K Goswami

B) Justice B.L Hansaria

C) Justice K..N Saikia

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Justice P.K Goswami

Q 47.  Which of the following sitting judges of the supreme court of India have served as Chief Justice Of the Gauhati High Court?

A) Justice Ranjan Gagoi

B) Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur

C) Justice Jasti Chelameswar

D) all of the above

Ans (D) All of the above

Q 48. Assam is bordered in the  in North by the kingdom of Bhutan and in east by

A) Nagaland

B) Manipur

C) Arunachal Pradesh

D) NONE of the above

Ans (C) Arunachal Pradesh

Q 49. Which of the following lie in the south of State Of Assam?

A) Nagaland, Manipur , Mizoram

B) Nagaland, Manipur,Sikkim

C) Sikkim,Manipur,Mizorzm

D) none of the above

Ans (A) Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram

Q 50. The state of Assam shares international boundaries with

A) Bangladesh and Myanmar

B) Pakistan and Bhutan

C) Bangladesh and Bhutan

D) None of the above

Ans (C) Bangladesh and Bhutan

Q 51 . Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is located in which one of the following districts?

A) Jorhat

B) Shivasagar

C)  Golaghat

D) Dhemaji

Ans (B )  Shivasagar

Q 52. Sadhani was the last queen of the which king?

A) Moran king

B) Chutia king

C) Kachari king

D) Ahom King

Ans (B) Chutia king

Q 5. The total area of Assam is

A) 80645 sq km

B) 78438 sq km

C) 79012 sq km

D) none of the above

Ans (B)78438 sq km

Q 54. Terai Zone is situated at Assam’s

A) North Zone

B) East Zone

C) South Zone

D) None of the above

Ans (B) East Zone

Q 55. The national park of Assam Where the rare white-winged duck (Deuhah) is found in

A) Nameri

B) Dibru Saikhua

C) Manas

D) None of the above

Ans (A) Nameri

Q 56. The use of which of the following regional languages were popularized by the bhakti leader, Sankardev?

A) Bengali

B) Brijbhaxa

C) Assamese

D) none of the above

Ans (B) Assamese

Q 57. As per census 2011, the sex ratio of Assam is

A) 958

B) 988

C) 1000

D) None of the above

Ans (A) 958

Q  58 . Which of the following  Scedules of Indian constitution deals with the autonomous council  in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram

A) 5th Schedule

B) 6th Schedule

C) 9th Schedule

D) none of the above

Ans © 9thschedule

Q 59. In addition to Assamese, which other language from the state is included in the eight schedules of the Indian constitution

A) Bodo

B) mising

C) rabha

D) none of the above

Ans(A) Bodo

Q 60. As per the census of India ,2011,the population density of Assam is

A) 388

B) 392

C) 398

D) None of the above

Ans (C) 398

Q 61. When did the British annex Assam?

A) 1828

B) 1857

C) 1826

D) None of Assam

Ans (C) 1826

Q 62. The Gauhati Tea Auction was establishement in the year?

A) 1998

B) 1870

C) 1970

D) 1950

Ans (C) 1970

Q 63. Which town is also known as manchesestar of Assam?

A) Jorhat

B) Guwahati

C) Sualkuchi

D) None of the above

Ans (C) Sualkuchi

Q 64. The Brahmaputra cracker and polymer limited industry is located at

A)  Makum

B) Guwahati

C) Lepetkata

D) None of the above

Ans (C) Lepetkata

Q 65. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?

A) Chittagong

B) Khulna

C) Sylhet

D) none of the above

Ans (C) Sylhet



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