Photography Competition

Assam Photography Competition scheme

“Photographs are invited from individuals under the scheme Photography Competition” on Tribal Life and Culture of Assam and will be received up to 20th January 2021. The decision of the authority as to acceptance or otherwise shall be final. Photographs received after the closing date shall not be entertained”

Terms & Conditions:

1. The Photography Competition is an initiative of the Directorate of Assam Institute of Research for Tribals to collect rare and good photographs on tribal life and Culture.

2. Contestants can submit any number of photographs.

3. The minimum image resolution should be 1920 pixels. A photo should be in JPEG format with file size not more than 15 MB.

4. No watermarks, copyright information, Logo, Stamp or any form of text are allowed to be written or printed on images.

5. Appropriate captions along with a short write (in 2-3 sentences) should be submitted along with each photograph separately. It should be submitted electronically while submitting the image.

6. The photograph should be in original and to be duly declared by the photographers.

7. The images should be submitted electronically through the email ID

8. The last date to submit photographs 20th January 2020 -2.00 PM 1ST.

9. The winners will be determined by the judges engaged by AIRT & SC. The decision of the judges will be final in all matters.

10. The winners will be announced through leading newspapers.

11. The selected photographs/images will be the sole property of the Directorate of Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes.

12. Prize Money:

Assam Photography Competition scheme under Tribal Life and Culture of Assam

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