How To Register For COVID Vaccine Online-Using COWIN or Aarogya Setu app

COVID 19 Vaccine Registration Using COWIN or Aarogya Setu

In view of the unprecedented Covid-19 surge by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Indian government has decided to vaccinate all Indian citizens aged 18-44. To this end, the registration of vaccines against Covid-19 infections of all ages over 18 years on the Co-WIN portal and the Aarogya Setu app will begin at 4 pm today (April 28).

How To Register For COVID Vaccine Online

The government also mandates that people in the 18-44 age group register and schedule vaccinations in the Co-WIN portal, Aarogya Setu app and UMANG App.

How I have done My Vaccination Process


How I have done My Vaccination Process

Quickly Book-COVID Vaccine Registration Tips

i. Be ready at sharp 4 pm anyhow.

ii. If you have two mobile then it will be easy to register you quickly.

iii. Slot open for few seconds so you must need your friend to watch both the mobile device display.

iv. Remember your login details should not be out.

v. Once the slot open click that option quickly.

vi. Here you select timing for COVID vaccination which is normally given from 9:30AM to 11:30AM/11:30 AM to 1.30PM/1:30PM to 3:30PM.

Vii. Then fill captcha quickly and hit confirm.

viii. These all processes need to very quick otherwise you can not book a slot.

ix. The Same process repeat till gets registered.


Get Online COVID Vaccine Registration Details Here

Name of the pandemic disease:

All Indian citizens are eligible

Age Limit:
 People aged above 18 years may book a slot for COVID Vaccine.

Who will Vaccinate You:
 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

COVID-19 Vaccine Helpline No: 
1075 (Toll-Free) and 01123978046

Basic Requirements for Online Vaccine Registration

Basic Documents: To get qualify for vaccination, all individual have to produce/ possess any one of the below documents –

a. Aadhaar card

b. Driving License

c. PAN card-Simple & easy to submit

d. Passport

e. Pension Passbook

f. NPR Smart Card

g. Voter ID Card (EPIC)

Important Mobile Number: All individual wish to enroll themself for online antibody enlistment should have a functioning versatile number to enlist their name. A number must be utilized for a limit of 4 people. 

Is vaccination free at all vaccination centers?

At present, immunization is free at government emergency clinics and charged at INR 250 in private emergency clinics for residents matured 45 years or more. This will stop to exist from May 1, and surprisingly those over the age of 45 years should pay at private offices that expense fixed by the private emergency clinic.

For individuals between 18 to 44 years, the States will declare the arrangement identifying with installment. Govt. of Assam has reported that they will offer it for nothing at government focuses.

Notwithstanding, at private immunization destinations, the expense will be chosen by the private emergency clinics and you can see the cost of every antibody at the hour of booking.

Real-Time Vaccine Slot Availability Update in Assam

Looking for real-time vaccine slot availability in different regions of your state? Yes, you can get real-time vaccine slot availability through the Telegram app.

Currently, the real-time vaccine slot availability update is only applicable to the following regions in Assam:

 Kamrup Metro
 Kamrup Rural



In the link below, you must first select your state and region, and then join the corresponding Telegram channel to get real-time slot availability updates. This is an API-based platform that can be updated in real-time. In most cases, users will get real-time updates on slot availability. However, we ask our users to check the COWIN website directly to avoid any problems.

Find Real-Time Vaccine Slot Availability in Your Zone: Click Here .

Here How You Register for COVID Vaccine

First Go to Important Web-links of COVID Vaccine Registration which is

Then Click on COVID Vaccine Registration having at right corner.

new page will be opened where need to put mobile number.

 Then enter your mobile number and hit the Get OTP button. A one-time password (OTP) will reach your phone which has limited time to verify.

Register For COVID Vaccine Online by mobile number

Enter the OTP you have received on your phone and click Verify.

enter OTP during COVID Vaccine registration

COVID Vaccine Registration OTP on mobile

COVID Vaccine Registration OTP on mobile

Now, enter details such as your name, gender, and year of birth then click on Register.

Here is the main turnClick on the Schedule button then the name of a person registered to book the appointment for the vaccination.

# Enter your pin code and click Search. You will see the centers available for your pin code or you can search by using your district.

Register For COVID Vaccine Online by PIN or District wise

# Here is the main waiting zone select the centre and date and time for the vaccination and hit Confirm. Here you get few seconds to confirm the slot.

COVID Vaccine Online slot book

# Another option was there to Add Member button to add your family members.

# If you successfully registered for vaccination you will see like below preview-

successfully registered for vaccination preview

How To Download COVID-19 Vaccination appointment Slip

Once you successfully booked a slot, you may get an appointment slip which you can download easily. Below is the preview how COVID Vaccine appointment slip looks like.

COVID Vaccine appointment slip

COVID Vaccine Registration From COWIN Website

✅Book COVID Vaccine Slot Online: Click Here . [From 4 PM onwards]

COVID Vaccine Registration Link: Click Here .

COWIN Official Website: Click Here .


✋Vaccine Registration Important FAQs Frequently asked


Q.1-Where can I register for COVID-19 Vaccination?

Ans- To get registered for COVID-19 vaccination, must visit the official website

Q.2-Where we can register for Covid vaccine?

Ans-People can register online for COVID Vaccination. Make scheduled and visit the place of vaccination at time.


Q.3-Can I register for COVID-19 vaccination without Aadhaar Card?

Ans-Yes, without Adhar Card you can register for COVID Vaccination by using PAN Card or Voter ID. But must have mobile number to verify OTP.


Q.4-Can a person get the COVID-19 vaccine without registration with Health Department?

Ans-Yes, it possible but not for everyone. The government told that to get the COVID-19 vaccine you must register through the Aarogya setu app or official website


Q.5-Can the Coronavirus disease spread through faces?

Ans-Yes, if anyone contacts near your face then it may possible to get infected.


Q.6-Do you need the vaccine if you had Covid?

Ans-This is not mandatory, but to make yourself safe you must take the vaccine at any time.


Q.7-Is there any side effects found after using the Covid vaccine?

Ans-This is not 100{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} not confirm as the medical department found a very rare case of side effect, it may be a little fever which is very common after any vaccination.


Q.8-Is COVID  Vaccine is safe for Children?

Ans-It is not safe for below 18 years as per government guidelines.


Q.9-Is COVID vaccine is safe for drinkers & smokers?

Ans-To make yourself safe everyone must away from drinks & smoke. As per medical guidelines, these activities can make you unhealthy and may damage your immunity, which is not a good sign of COVID safety.


Q.10-Is COVID vaccine is safe for senior citizens?

Ans-Yes, it is safe for senior citizens. Everyone can take the COVID-19 vaccine.