How to know location from mobile number 2022

Know location from mobile number: Do you want to know how to know the location of your mobile or just find out from the number where it is now, then this post will help you completely. If your phone is stolen or lost somewhere or want to find out from the number of an acquaintance where he is now, then you can find out the location from the number by following the steps given below.

To trace the number, you can try to find it online or you can take the help of the police, which tracks your mobile with your IMEI number.

1) Open the Chrome browser on your PC or Mobile and search for Google Find My Device.

2) If you have added Google Account to the device, then Find My Device is activated automatically.

3) After the site is open, it will ask for permission from you and after that it will connect the device associated with that mail ID.

4) After the device is connected, choose what you want to do like play sound, lock and erase.

Play sound: Ring your phone for 5 minutes, even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.
Secure device: Locks your phone with a PIN, pattern, or password. To help someone return your phone, you can add a message or phone number to the Lock Screen.
Erase device: Permanently deletes all data on your phone (but cannot delete SD card). After you delete it, Find My Device will not work on the phone.

There are many such applications on the Internet, with the help of which you can know only by phone number, where is your mobile now. Let us tell you about these phone location tracker apps that real-time location is not known. Rather, it provides us with your Name, Address and Current location details.

1) Truecaller

This is the most popular Android app to trace the incoming call from any unknown number. With the help of this, along with the details of the unknown number, it also gives details of the number saved in your phone and SIM. After identifying those numbers, you can also block them. Now a new feature has been added to this application “transliteration”, with the help of this user can get complete information about that number in Hindi language.

Download Truecaller App

2) Caller ID & Number Locator

Caller ID & Phone Locator allows you to find any mobile number in the world. It will find the exact geographic location (city area, state, country and even service provider) of the phone and show it on the map. It has the facility of Caller Blocker, in which block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud etc.

Download Caller ID and Number Locator App

3) Mobile Number Tracker

With the help of this application, you can get the details of the incoming call. Whether it is from your contact list or unknown number. It also shows you the location of unknown number on Google Map. By which you get to know which city that number belongs to and which operator’s. This is your specialty that it works even without internet connection.

Download Mobile Number Tracker App

4) Glymse

Glympse is a fast, free and simple way to share your real-time location using GPS tracking with any of your family, friends or colleagues. Tell your family you’re safe, find friends at a concert, provide notices when you’re stuck in traffic, this app helps with emergency news.

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5) GPS tracker Followme

Even if your phone is lost somewhere, you can easily find the location of your phone. So let us tell you how you can find the location of the phone. First you need to install an app on your smartphone. The name of this app is GPS Tracker Followme. After installing it, you have to register in this app. Let us tell you that it is necessary to have this app in the phone you want to track. If this app is not there then you will not be able to track.

After installing the app, as soon as you open the app, many options will come as soon as you open it. Here you have to go to the settings. Now a new page will open. Now the option of registration of new user will come at the top. Now click on it. On clicking here, you have to enter username, password and email id. Now click on Continue. After that a new page will open. Here, make the track interval 1 minute, so that the location of the phone is available every minute. After that we will save it. Now your work is done.

Download GPS Tracker Followme App

You must have come to know that to Know location from mobile number? All these apps help a lot in finding out the location of the mobile number and you can install these apps on your smartphone absolutely free.