GK Questions & Answers- Important Top 80 GK Asked in Previous Exams

 Important GK-General Knowledge Questions Answers

1.India’s  intermediate-range  ballistic missile is known as

a)       Agni

b)      Prithvi

c)      Lakshya

d)     Nag

    Ans: a) Agni


2. Among the following who was the teacher of Srimanta Sankardev

a)      Kusumber  Bhuyan

b)     Mahendra Kandali

c)      Madhav Deva

d)     Khersuti

     Ans: b) Mahendra Kandali


3. Which of the following foreign banks is not involved in the famous security scam by Harshad Mehta?

a)      Citibank of America

b)     Standard Chartered Bank

c)      B.C.C.I (Bank of Credit and Commerce International)

d)     ANZ  Grindlays  Bank

    Ans: c) B.C.C.I (Bank of Credit and Commerce International)


4. Name the island  where a dormant volcano has suddenly become active from the beginning of this year.

a)      New Moore Island

b)     Lakshadweep

c)      Spratly Island

d)     Barren Island

    Ans: d) Barren Island


5. What is the annual growth rate envisaged  in the Eight five year plan?

a)      4.6{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

b)     5.6{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

c)      6.5{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

d)     6.4{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

    Ans: d) 6.4 to cm


6. The death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi is observed as

a)      Unity day

b)     Solidarity day

c)      Anti-poverty day

d)     Anti terrorism day

    Ans: d) Anti-terrorism day


7.  Which State of India has registered the highest population growth as per 1991 census

a)      Assam

b)     Nagaland

c)      West Bengal

d)     Tripura

    Ans: c) West Bengal


8. A famous milestone of India’s freedom struggle celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1992

a)      Dandi March

b)     Civil Disobedience Movement

c)      Non Cooperation Movement

d)     Quit India Movement

    Ans:d) Quit India Movement


9. The environment activist who undertook to protest of Tehri Dam construction was

a)      Sunderlal Bahuguna

b)     Medha Patkar

c)      Maneka Gandhi

d)     M. Veerappa Molly

    Ans: a)  Sunderlal Bahuguna


10. The secretariat of SAARC has been set up at

a)      Colombo

b)     Mauritius

c)      New Delhi

d)     Kathmandu

    Ans: d) Kathmandu


11. Who was the first ruler of Sikkim?

a)      Chogyal

b)     Tenzing Namgyal

c)      Tensung Namgyal

d)     Chakdor Namgyal

      Ans: a) Chogyal


12. Which one of them was a rural type of Civilization?

a)      Chinese

b)     Dravidian

c)      Aryan

d)     Indus valley

    Ans: c) Aryan


13. Who was the founder of the Hare Krishna movement?

a)      Mahesh Yogi

b)     Acharya Rajneesh

c)      Swami Prabhupada

d)     Swayam Adbhut

     Ans: c) Swami Prabhupada


14. In October 1994, the United States and Geneva signed a pact in which Geneva approved that

a)      North Korea would oppose GATT.

b)     North Korea would remain a party to the NPT.

c)      North Korea and the US would jointly conduct the space programme.

d)     American goods will not be sold in North Korea.

    Ans: b) North Korea would remain a party to the NPT.


15. The International Conference on population and development (ICPD) held in Cairo recognised

a)      men’s superiority in the family

b)     < span lang="EN" style="font-family: "Calibri","sans-serif"; font-size: 13.0pt; line-height: 115{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}; mso-ascii-theme-font: major-latin; mso-bidi-theme-font: major-latin; mso-hansi-theme-font: major-latin;">women’s superiority in the family

c)      equal rights for women and men in the family

d)     equal rights for women in the family.

    Ans: c) equal rights for women and men in the family


16. The terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen operate in the following trouble-torn areas:

a)      Afghanistan

b)     Gaze and Jenco

c)      Kashmir Valley

d)     Bosnia Herzegovina

    Ans: c) Kashmir Valley



17. Identify the countries which did not sign the indefinitely extended Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)


(ii) Israel

(iii) Pakistan

(iv) China


a)      (i) only

b)     (i), (ii), (iii)

c)      (i), (ii),(iii),(iv)

d)     (ii) only

    Ans: b) (i), (ii), (iii)


18. Identify the correct Mascot “Missa,the bear” against the Olympic Games they were associated in:

a)      Moscow 80

b)     Los Angeles 84

c)      Seoul 88

d)     Barcelona 92

e)      Atlanta 96

    Ans: a) Moscow 80


19. Identify the correct Mascot “Hodori,the tiger”against the Olympic Games they were associated in:

a)      Moscow 80

b)     Los Angeles 84

c)      < /span>Seoul 88

d)     Barcelona 92

e)      Atlanta 96

    Ans: c) Seoul 88


20.Identify the correct Mascot “Cobi,the dog”against the Olympic Games they were associated in:

a)      Moscow 80

b)     Los Angeles 84

c)      Seoul 88

d)     Barcelona 92

e)      Atlanta 96

    Ans: d) Barcelona 92


21.Identify the correct Mascot “Whatizit”against the Olympic Games they were associated in:

a)      Moscow 80

b)     Los Angeles 84

c)      Seoul 88

d)     Barcelona 92

e)      Atlanta 96

    Ans: e) Atlanta 96


22. Alexander’s general who attacked India and was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya was

a)      Seleucus

b)     Nearchus

c)      Ptolemy

d)     Arrian

    Ans: a) Seleucus


23. Who said ‘Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it.

a)      Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b)     Mahatma Gandhi

c)      Subhash Chandra Bose

d)     Jawaharlal Nehru

    Ans: a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak


24. The British Prime Minister who had objection on the continuation of the British rule in India was:

a)      Neville Chembarlain

b)     Clement Atlee

c)      Winston Churchill

d)     Anthony Aden

      Ans: b) Clement Atlee


25. The place where Gautam Buddha attained Enlightenment?

a)      Bodh Gaya

b)     Kushinagar

c)      Mathura

d)     Kanchi

      Ans: a) Bodh Gaya


26. When did the Civil Disobedience Movement take place?

a)      1930

b)     1905

c)      1920

d)     1940

      Ans: a) 1930


27. The title of Viceroy was added to the officer of Governor General of India for the first time in the year

a)      1848

b)     1858

c)      1856

d)     1962

      Ans: b) 1858


28. The royal symbol of the kings of Kamrupawas:

a)      Peacock

b)     Rhinoceros

c)      Elephant

d)     Tiger

      Ans: c) Elephant


29. Entomology is the study of

a)      Epidemics

b)     Bacteria

c)      Fungi

d)     Insects

      Ans: d) Insects


30.  Which among  the following rulers is considered as The Shivaji of North Eastern India?

a)      Maharaj Naranarayan

b)     Pratap Singha

c)      Gadadhar Singha

d)     Lachit Borphukan

      Ans: d) Lachit Borphukan


31. The famous Rang Ghar was constructed during the reign of

a)      Rudra Singha

b)     Siva Singha

c)      Pramatta Singha

d)     Rajeswar Singha

      Ans: c) Pramatta Singha


32. Tu

laram Senapati was the chief of the

a)      Ahoms

b)     Koches

c)      Jayantia

d)     Dimasas

      Ans: d) Dimasas


33. Where was Kundli Nagar situated ?

a)      Tezpur

b)      Sadiya

c)       Dimapur

d)      Sivasagar

      Ans: b) Sadiya


34. Niladhwaj founded the dynasty of

a)      Khen

b)     Chutia

c)      Kachari

d)     Salastabha

      Ans: a) Khen


35. Which among the following countries is regarded as the original home of coffee?

a)       Brazil

b)      Kenya

c)       Ethiopia

d)      New Guinea

      Ans: c) Ethiopia


36. Which among the following is the world’s largest fishing grounds?

a)      Newfoundland waters

b)     Japan sea

c)      North sea

d)     Mediterranean sea

      Ans: c) North sea


37. The Kiel Canal is located in

a)      United Kingdom

b)      Belgium

c)      Germany

d)     France

      Ans: c) Germany


38. Danube, the largest river in Europe flows through

a)      Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands

b)     Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy

c)      Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland

d)     Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania

      Ans: d) Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania


39. Which among the following rivers has its origin near Nashik?

a)      Tapi

b)     Godavari

c)      Krishna

d)     Narmada

      Ans: b) Godavari


40. Which one of the following has been developed as a Freeport in India ?

a)      Calicut

b)     Kandla

c)      Marmagao

d)     Kakinada

      Ans: b) Kandla



41. Which among the following statements regarding the Iron and Steel plants in India is correct?

a)      There are 8 plants distributed over 7 states

b)     Where are 9 plants distributed over 7 states

c)      There are 7 plant distributed over 6 states

d)     There are 8 plant distributed over 8 states

      Ans: c) There are 7 plant distributed over 6 states


42. Considering the present geo-economic condition of India, which one of the following non-conventional sources of energy holds out high feasibility in the country ?

a)      Wind power

b)     Solar power

c)      Bio-gas

d)     Tidal power

      Ans: c) Bio-gas


43. The chief aircraft manufacturing establishment in India is located at

a)      Hyderabad

b)     Bangalore

c)      Madras

d)     Pune

      Ans: b) Bangalore


44. The iron ore export from India to Japan comes mainly from

a)      Bailadila

b)     Dalli Rajhara

c)      Noamundi

d)     Goa

      Ans: a) Bailadila


45. The most important producer of natural rubber in India is

a)      Tamil Nadu

b)     Kerala

c)      Karnataka

d)     Andaman and Nicobar Islands

      Ans: b) Kerala


46. Out of the following districts, which one has the highest density of population as per 1991 census?

a)      Dhubri

b)     Kamrup

c)      Nalbari

d)     Karimganj

      Ans: b) Kamrup


47. Which one of the following places has the highest altitude in Assam?

a)      Simhasan

b)     Dambukso

c)      Hamren

d)     Umrangso

      Ans: a) Simhasan


48. The present average annual production rice in Assam is

a)      1.5 million tonnes

b)     2 million tonnes

c)      2.5 million tonnes

d)     3 million tonnes

      Ans: c) 2.5 million tonnes


49. The total sown area in Assam is about

a)      2100000 hectares

b)     2706000 hectares

c)      3500800 hectares

d)     4000000 hectares

      Ans: d) 4000000 hectares


50. The National Highway no. 38 joins

a)      Tinsukia with Dangari

b)     New Bongaigaon with Jogighopa

c)      Silchar with Jiribham

d)     Makum with Lekhapani

      Ans: d) Makum with Lekhapani


51. The scheduled caste and scheduled tribe population of Assam according to the 1991 census are respectively

a)      6.24{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} and 10.99{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

b)     7.40{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} and 12.82{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

c)      16.48{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} and 8.08{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

d)     14.58{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} and 15.35{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

     Ans: b) 7.40{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} and 12.82{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}


52. The Indian Polity is governed by the principle of

a)      Supremacy of the parliament

b)     Supremacy of the cabinet

c)      Supremacy of the law and constitution

d)     Judicial Supremacy

      Ans: c) Supremacy of the law and constitution



53. The fundamental right to equality does not guarantee

a)      Equality before law

b)     Equal protection of laws

c)      Equal pay for equal work

d)     Equal opportunities in public employment

      Ans: c) Equal pay for equal work


54. Which among the following is not a Money Bill?

a)      Budget

b)     Appropriation bill

c)      Finance bill

d)     Bill seeking vote on account

      Ans: a) Budget


55. Green Revolution is not so green as it has been said because

a)      It is confined to wheat only

b)     It is confined to rice only

c)      It is confined to green vegetables only

d)     It is confined to oilseeds only

      Ans: a) It is confined to wheat only


56. The preamble to the constitution of India proclaims India as a

a)      Republic

b)     Sovereign republic

c)      Democratic republic

d)     Sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic

      Ans: d) Sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic


57. The Indian Parliament consists of

a)      The speaker and the House of the people (Lok Sabha)

b)     The House of the people (Lok Sabha) and the council of states (Rajya Sabha)

c)      The speaker and deputy speaker, House of the people and the chairman and deputy chairman, council of states together with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

d)     The President of India and two houses are known respectively as the council of state and the House of the people

      Ans: d) The President of India and two houses are known respectively as the council of state and th

e House of the people


58. Under the 73rd Amendment of the India’s Constitution, Panchayats shall be constituted at the:

a)      Village level

b)     District level and above it

c)      Village and intermediate levels

d)     Village, intermediate and district level

      Ans: d) Village, intermediate and district level


59. In the background of progress in Community Development Programmes, the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee in 1957 for the PRIS is

a)      A three-tier structure

b)     A two-tier structure

c)      A structure irrespective of structures

d)     Democratic decentralization only

      Ans: a) A three-tier structure


60. India’s planned development through Five Year Plan was launched in

a)      September 1946

b)     August 1947

c)      April 1951

d)     January 1950

      Ans: c) April 1951


61. India’s share in global trade is

a)      Less than 1{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

b)     More than 1{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

c)      More than 5{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

d)     Under 10{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}

      Ans: a) Less than 1{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659}


62. The greatest and the most widespread armed uprising which shook the foundation of the British rule in India took place in

a)      1757

b)     1942

c)      1857

d)     1947

      Ans: c) 1857


63. At midnight on 31st December,1929, the Lahore Congress adopted a resolution on Purna Swaraj(complete independence) as moved by

a)      Jawaharlal Nehru

b)     Subhas Chandra Bose

c)      Mahatma Gandhi

d)     Srinivasa Iyengar

     Ans: a) Jawaharlal Nehru


64. One of the most popular uprisings in Assam was ‘The Patharughat Ran’ (Battle of Patharughat) took place in

a)      1861

b)     1860-1862

c)      24 December 1893

d)     28 January 1894

      Ans: d) 28 January 1894


65. The first general election in India was conducted in the year of

a)      1951-52

b)     1952-53

c)      1950-51

d)     1949-50

      Ans: a) 1951-52


66. The chairman of the State Reorganization Commission set up by Nehru in 1953 was

a)      H.N. Kunzru

b)     K.M. Pannikar

c)      S.R. Das

d)     Fazal Ali

      Ans: d) Fazal Ali


67. In 1955, the resolution to attain a ‘socialist pattern of society’ was adopted in the INC session held at

a)      Avadi

b)      Kanpur

c)      Calcutta

d)     Madras

      Ans: a) Avadi


68. The first public sector oil refinery in India is situated at

a)      Digboi

b)     Guwahati

c)      Calcutta

d)     Madras

      Ans: a) Digboi


69. The organisation that estimates India’s national income is

a)      CSO

b)     NCAER

c)      Planning Commission

d)     RBI

      Ans: a) CSO


70. According to the 1991 census report, the lowest growth of population has been registered in

a)      Nagaland

b)     Arunachal Pradesh

c)      Bihar

d)     Kerala

      Ans: d) Kerala


71. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre was inaugurated in the year of

a)      1960

b)     1970

c)      1974

d)     1976

      Ans: b) 1970


72. The executive powers of the Indian union are exercised by

a)      The Prime Minister

b)     The President

c)      The Inner Cabinet

d)     The Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister

      Ans: b) The President


73. The Industrial Revolution in India was seen during which five-year plan?

a)      Second five-year plan

b)     Third five-year plan

c)      Fourth five-year plan

d)     Fifth five-year plan

      Ans: a) Second five-year plan


74. Which two important Industries declined critically during the fourth-five year plan?

a)      Steel, Cotton, Textile

b)     Automobile, Iron

c)      Iron, Steel

d)     Petroleum, Automobile

      Ans: a) Steel, Cotton, Textile


75. Which region is the richest in hydropower in the country?

a)      Deccan Region

b)     Central region

c)      NE Region

d)     The Western Himalayan region

      Ans: c) NE Region


76. Who was the Swahid in Assam during the Quit India Movement?

a)      Kushal Konwar

b)     Maniram Dewan

c)      Gomdhar Kunwar

d)     Peuli Phukan

      Ans: a) Kushal Konwar



77. ‘Organise,knock at the door and you will find the door opened’ , Who said this ?

a)      N.C. Chowdhary

b)     Ambikagiri Raichoudhury

c)      Omeo Kumar Das

d)     T.R. Phukan

      Ans: c) Omeo Kumar Das


78. The enquiry commission to probe the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is headed by:

a)      Mr. Justice P.N. Bhagavati

b)     Mr. Justice Vohra

c)      Mr. Justice J.S. Barma

d)     Mr. Justice Sarkaria

      Ans: c) Mr. Justice J.S. Barma


79. ‘Mooknayak‘ newspaper was founded by whom?

a)      B.R. Ambedkar

b)     Khan Abdul Gafar Khan

c)      Mahatma Gandhi

d)     Jawaharlal Nehru

      Ans: a) B.R. Ambedkar


78.The Home Rule movement was launched by

a)      Annie Besant, B.G. Tilak

b)     Annie Besant, B.G. Tilak separately

c)      Annie Besant, Gandhiji together

d)     The Congress with Annie Besant as its President.

      Ans: a) Annie Besant, B.G. Tilak


79. Name the President of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee?

a)      Tarun Ram Phukan

b)     Koladhar Chaliha

c)      Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

d)     Gopinath Bordoloi

      Ans: b) Koladhar Chaliha


80. Anemometer is an instrument used to measure

a)      The degree of anaemia patient

b)     The angular distance of celestial bodies

c)      The height of tide

d)     The speed of wind

     Ans: d) The speed of wind