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The 24 year old actress wants to marry Salman Khan

 Even though Salman Khan is over fifty, many girls who are half his age or less than him are ready for marriage. Salman himself may be surprised to see this scene.  This kind of scene is seen during many TV shows when girls propose to Salman and Salman gets embarrassed or smiles.  Many girls like… Read More »

The ATM card shown in the photo of Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana, then the social media users said- give me that card, Thakur

 Bollywood Desk.  Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter 19-year-old daughter Suhana Khan’s latest selfie is going viral.  In this selfie, not only the beauty of Suhana but also another thing is attracting everyone’s attention.  In fact, behind the phone from which Suhana is taking photos, her ATM card is also visible.  That is why she is being… Read More »

Is egg veg or non-veg? Scientists have found the answer

 Method Often, the question arises in the minds of people whether the egg is a wedge or a non-veg? At the same time, some people believe that it comes in non-veg category because it gives it to chicken. Scientists have found the answer to your question, while there are some people who are not accepting… Read More »

Why are most hotel bed sheets white?

 Ever wondered why bed sheets are white in most hotels? We almost never buy white bed linen for home but it charms us at hotels, right? Talking about this on our visit to Tree House Jaipur, Abhinav and I have been curious to find out. The black and white of it seems obvious: white stands for cleanliness. But… Read More »