Assam Police General Science Question’s Answers-Science GK

Assam Police Important  General Science GK

Find Assam Police important general science question’s answers here for the upcoming Assam Police examination. All important Assam Police Science GK included here for practice purposes. Candidates are advised to keep these questions’ answers in a notebook for daily study. Candidates may download the Assam Police questions paper here.

1. Lactometer is a type of hydrometer which is used to measure the specific gravity of-

Olive Oil

B) Honey

C) Water

D) Milk


2. A device used to measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is called a-

A) anemometer

B) barometer

C) hydrometer

D) hygrometer


3. As a person goes down into a well, his weight will-

A) remain exactly the same

B) increase slightly

C) decrease slightly

D) None of the above


4. The branch of medical science which is concerned with the study of disease as it affects a community of people is called-

A) pathology

B) epidemiology

C) oncology

D) paleontogy

5. Water flows through a horizontal pipe at a constant volumetric rate. At a location where the cross sectional area decreases, the velocity of the fluid-

A) stays the same

B) increases

C) decreases

D) none of the above


6. A gas used as a disinfectant in drinking water is-

A) Chlorine

B) Hydrogen

C) Oxygen

D) Fluorine


7. Persons with which blood group are called universal donors-


B) 0

C) A

D) B


8. Which one of the following is used as an

A) Phosphorus trichloride

B) Nitroglycerine

C) Mercuric oxide

D) Graphite


9. __is used in pencils?

A) Phosphorous

B) Graphite

C) Silicon

D) Charcoal


10. The smallest functional and structural unit of kidney is called as-

A) Neuron

B) Granulocyte.

C) Nephron

D) Reticulocyte


11. Meteorology is the study of-

A) Atmosphere

B) Air and sounds

C) winds and clouds

D) Seasons


12. The good sources of Vitamin-B Complex are-

A) Sea foods

B) Green leafy vegetables

C) Seeds

D) Fresh vegetables and fruits


13. The good sources of iodine are-

A) Green leafy vegetables

B) Sea foods

C) Fresh vegetables and fruits

D) Seeds


14. Carrot is good source of Vitamin?

A) A

B) B Complex

C) C

D) D


15. Which one of the following is not correct matched?

A) Vitamin B1-Beriberi

B) Beriberi B2-Pellagra

C) Vitamin B6 –Loss of appetite

D) Vitamin B12-Pernicious anaemia

16. Which one of the following is a water soluble vitamin?

A) Vitamin A

B) Vitamin C

C) Vitamin D

D) Vitamin K

17. Which of the following Vitamin is helpful for treatment of viral infection?

A) Vitamin A

B) Vitamin C

C) Vitamin B12

D) Vitamin K

18. Which one of following vitamins can be synthesized by human body?

A) Vitamin D

B) Vitamin B1

C) Vitamin B12

D) Vitamin C

19. Deficiency of Vitamin-D results in-

A) night blindness

B) rickets

C) scurvy

D) hair fall

20. The scurvy disease is caused by the shortage of

A) Vitamin A

B) Vitamin E

C) Vitamin C

D) Vitamin D

21. The life span of RBC is-

A) 10 days only

B) 1 0-1 5 days

C) 20-120 days

D) 80-180 days

22. Which one of the following is not caused by Nutritional deficiency?

A) Beriberi

B) Kwashiorkor

C) Haemophilia

D) Marasmus

23. All Enzymes are actually-

A) Fatty acids

B) Protein

C) Carbohydrates

D) Sterols

24. In which organ of the human body is Ammonia converted into Urea?

A) Liver

B) Pancreas

C) Spleen

D) Kidney

25. In which part ofhuman body is the smallest bone found?

A) Ear

B) Wrist

C) Palm

D) Nose

26. Which is the smallest bone ofhuman body?

A) Femur

B) Stapes

C) Phalanges

D) Radio Ulna

27. Primarily which one of the following system of the body is attacked by HIV?

A) Reproductive

B) Cardiovascular

C) Immune

D) Respiratory

28. Which one of the following is a stein tissue?

A) Ginger

B) Carrot

C) Cactus

D) Flower

29. Vaccines are-

A) Same as monoclonal antibodies

B) Treated bacteria or virus or one of their protein

C) Protein

D) Strands of nucleic acid

30. Which of the following cannot be controlled by vaccination?

A) Small Pox

B) Polio

C) Diabetes

D) Whooping cough

31. Which oil is least recommended for high blood pressure person?

A) Mustard Oil

B) Coconut oil

C) Groundnut oil

D) Sunflower Oil

32. Which Nutrients plays an important role in the coagulation of blood?

The good sources of iodine are

A) Sodium

B) Calcium

C) Iron

D) Potassium

33. Which variety of coal contains the highest percentage of carbon?

A) Lignite

B) Anthracite

C) Peat

D) Bituminous

34. What is the main component of biogas and natural gas?

A) Butane

B) Ethane

C) Methane

D) Propane

35. Nail polish remover contains mainly-

A) Limonene

B) Methanol

C) Ethanol

D) Acetone

36. Which of die following measurements is not a unit of distance?

A) Angstrom

B) Ammeter

C) Qubit

D) Parsec

37. Which chemical was an important symbol in our struggle for freedom?

A) Sodium Chloride

B) Medicine

C) Glucose

D) Fertilizer

38. Light tray is fastest through which of the following?

A) Glass

B) Air

C) Diamond

D) Water

39. Milk is unique in its nutritive value. However, it is a poor source of-

A) Iron

B) Sodium

C) Calcium

D) Copper

40. Which one of the following elements is required by the human body for the hardening of Bones and teeth?

A) Potassium

B) Iodine

C) Iron

D) Phosphorus

41. Eating of raw fish can cause a deficiency of-

A) Vitamin B1

B) Vitamin B6

C) ‘Vitamin K

D) Vitamin D

42. The female gametophyte of angiosperm is mostly-

A) 7-celled

B) 11-celled

C) 15-celled

D) 19-celled

43. Varunastra is-

A) A heavyweight torpedo

B) A nuclear missile

C) A treatise on war

D) An aircraft carrier

44. Penicillin was discovered by

A) Michael Faraday

B) Sir William Harvey

C) Charles Goodyear

D) Alexander Fleming

45. Mikhail Kalashnikov was best known as the designer of

A) Laptops

B) AK 47 rifle

C) Drones

D) Cyber war

46. The Russian aircraft carrier Gorshkov has been inducted into the Indian Navy as

A) INS Hamla

B) INS Virat

C) INS Vikramaditya

D) INS Vikrant

47. Which one of the following shipyards makes warships for Indian Navy?

A) Vishakhapatnam shipyard

B) Kochin shipyard

C) Mazagaon shipyard

D) Paradeep shipyard

48. A non-metal that remains liquid at room temperature is-

A) Phosphorous

B) Bromine

C) Chlorine

D) Helium

49. In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of-

A) Sodium

B) Mercury

C) Potassium

D) Barium

50. Which of the following gas is usually filled in the electric bulb?

A) Carbon Dioxide

B) Nitrogen

C) Hydrogen

D) Oxygen


A(D), 2. (D), 3. (C), 4. (B), 5.(B), 6.(A), 7.(B), 8.(B), 9.(B), 10(C) , 11.(A), 12.(B), 13. (B), 14. (A) , 15 (B), 16. (B), 17. (B), 18. (A), 19. (B), 20. (C), 21. (C) , 22. (C),  23. (B),  24. (A),  25.(A) ,  26. (B),  27. (C),  28. (C),  29.(B),  30. (C), 31. (A),  32. (B),  33. (B),  34. (C) ,  35. (D),  36.(B), 37.(A), 38. (A), 39.(A), 40.(D), 41.(A), 42.(A), 43.(A), 44.(D), 45.(B), 46.(C ), 47.(C), 48.(B), 49.(D), 50.(B)