Assam Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Seservation Provisions

The following provisions regarding reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) under Govt. of Assam are brought to the public notice for general information:

1) Persons who are not covered under the existing scheme of reservation for SCs. STs and OBC/MOBC and whose family has a gross annual income below Rs. 8.00 lakh (Rupees Eight lakhs only) is to be identified as Economically Weaker Sections as per guidelines contained in Government OM No.

Assam Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Seservation
Assam Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Reservation

Income shall include income from all sources i.e. salary, agriculture, business, profession. etc. for the financial year prior to the year of application.

 However, persons whose family owns or possesses the following assets are excluded from being identified as EWS irrespective of the family income:-

(i) 15 Bigha of agriculture Land and above in rural area.

(ii) 1 Bigha of residential land and above in rural area. 0

(iii) 1.5 Katha of land in notified Municipal Corporation/Municipal Board/Town Commit-tee Area.

(iv) House of built-up area more than 1000 sq.ft. and above in notified Municipal Corporation/Municipal Board/Town Committee Area

2) The persons belonging to EWSs are entitled to 10{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659} reservation on a preferential basis indirect recruitment in posts and services in the Govt. of Assam and also in admissions in Educational Institutions. However. Scientific and Technical posts which satisfy certain conditions can be exempted from the purview of reservation orders by the concerned Department.

3) The benefit of reservation under EWS can be availed upon production of an Income and Asset Certificate in the prescribed format issued by Circle Officer or Circle Officer (A) of the Revenue Circle where the candidate and/or her / his family normally resides.

For more details regarding reservation of Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs), the guidelines contained in the OM No (i) ABP.07/2019/1 6 dtd. 31.12.2019. (ii) ABP.07/2019/4 dtd 10.4.2019 and (iii) ABP. 07/2019/3 dtd. 2.2.2019 may be referred to which are also available in the Govt. website