Assam Career – How to Get Hired Fast?

Usually, when job seekers are looking for a new career, the process of job hiring can leave them less than optimistic. So, if you are planning to get a job in Assam and wondering if anything you can do to speed up a lengthy process then follow these 5 little secrets.

Assam Career - How to Get Hired Fast?

Along with that, here in this blog we will also shed light on important factors that you should consider if you are planning to build Assam career.

So, let us get started.

1)    Get Specific

Time is precious especially when you are searching for a new job. So, do not waste your time by filling out a bunch of applications. Instead, find out which kind of position you would really enjoy and then try to find that best fits you.

2)    Cover Letter is Imperative

Usually, recruiters only spend 5 to 7 seconds reviewing your resume. So, it is important to grab attention through a cover letter. So, give a brief summary of your qualification and describe how you can help the company thrive.

3)    Make Job-Specific Resume

Just like a cover letter, you should make a job-specific resume by highlighting certain skills and experience that caters to that position.

4)    First Impression is Everything

Always remember, “You should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” When going for an interview you should dress for the position tha

t you hope to achieve during your career at the company.

5)    Convert Your Negatives into Positives

Everyone has weaknesses and employers want to know about them. So, learn the way to convert your weakness into positives. Use your downfalls to your advantage and show that even though you make mistakes, you know how to turn it around.

While searching for a new job, a paycheck is important. However, you must look past the salary. We are not saying – Salary is not important. It is. But, it does not always bring happiness.

So, here are three things to consider while weighing the pros and cons of the new job and building the Assam career.

1)    Office Culture

If you, can we suggest you take a look around the office’s workplace to see if it is the best fit for you or not. You should also check are the employees at your new job happy? Do they enjoy working for the company? Do they feel their work is valued? If you get a good vibe then you should go for this job.

2)    The Benefits

Always remember, your base salary is just one part of your package. Therefore, it is advisable to consider insurance, retirement contribution, equity, and bonuses before accepting a job letter. You can ask your potential employer about the perks the company offers.

3)    Company History & Stability

It is one of the most important factors that you should never overlook. Do a bit of research about a company before making anything official. Check out do they have a good track record of layoffs and


1)    How do I Find a Job in Guwahati North East?

You can get yourself registered in job consultancy or you can go and visit companies personally and submit a resume. Even you can follow some social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook for the latest job openings. Also, we suggest you read regional newspapers every day. 

2)    Which is the Best Website to know about the Job Opportunities in Assam?

You can visit AssamCareer.comfor a job search in Assam, Guwahati, and North East India. This site is good and they always keep it updated. 

3)    How are the Job Opportunities in Assam?

If you are finding job opportunities in Assam, try various websites such as Quickr, Linkedin, Naukri, and Assam Career. Here, you will get information about the latest private and government job information. 

4)    What is the Average Salary in Assam 2020?

A person working in Assam usually earns approximately 34,100 INR per month.


Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, follow the above-discussed tips to get a job fast in Guwahati North East and Assam. Keep in mind the above-listed factors before signing the dotted line.

Also, be confident, be engaged, and keep searching.

Lots of opportunities are there.

Good Luck!