APSC 2007 Solved Questions Paper- APSC Previous Year Paper


1.1836 CE was crucial in case of Assamese culture and literature because

a)   Assamese was reinstalled as the official language of Assam

b)   Bengali was introduced as the official language of Assam

c)   First Assamese novel was published

d)   First Assamese Magazine was published from Calcutta

Ans: b) Bengali was introduced as the official language of Assam


2. Which of the following planets crossed the face of the Sun (in transit) after 122 years?

a)   Venus

b)   Mars

c)   Saturn

d)   Jupiter

Ans: a) Venus


3. When was the first five-year plan started in India?

a)   1949-50

b)   1950-51

c)   1951-52

d)   1952-53

Ans: c) 1951-52


4. Which of the following is the basis for determining National Income?

a)   Total revenue of the state

b)   Production of goods and services

c)   Net profit earned and expenditure incurred by the state

d)   None of the above

Ans: b) Production of goods and services


5. Which state is the largest producer of Coal?

a)   Assam

b)   West Bengal

c)   Chhattisgarh

d)   Meghalaya

Ans: c) Chhattisgarh


6. Name the city which pays the highest income tax

a)   Kolkata

b)   Chennai

c)   Delhi

d)   Mumbai

Ans: d) Mumbai


7. Give the full form of TQM

a)   Total Quality Marketing

b)   Total Quality Management

c)   Total Quality Materialised

d)   Total Quality Manpower

Ans: b) Total Quality Management


8. The currency of Switzerland is

a)   Pound

b)   Euro

c)   Franc

d)   Dollar

Ans: c) Franc


9. The headquarter of INTERPOL is situated in

a)   Paris

b)   London

c)   Lyon

d)   Geneva

Ans: c) Lyon


10. Which of the following countries are referred to as the ‘Third World’?

a)   Underdeveloped countries

b)   Developed countries

c)   Developing countries

d)   Non-aligned countries

Ans: c) Developing countries


11. ‘Gagana’, the famous musical instrument of Assam is made from which of the following?

a)   Cane

b)   Bamboo

c)   Buffalo horn

d)   Teakwood

Ans: Bamboo


12. With which dance is Birju Maharaj associated with?

a)   Kathak

b)   Ojapali

c)   Bharatnatyam

d)   Odissi

Ans: a) Kathak


13. Hundred years before the Indian War of Independence (1857), which of the following battles was fought where the destiny of India changed drastically?

a)   Battle of Plassey

b)   Battle of Jhansi

c)   Battle of Haldighati

d)   Second battle of Panipat

Ans: a) Battle of Plassey


14. Who among the following has been first appointed the National Security Advisor by the UPA government?

a)   Brajesh Mishra

b)   T.K.A. Nair

c)   J.N. Dixit

d)   Soli J. Jhansi

Ans: c) J.N. Dixit


15. Who among the following is the present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

a)   Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

b)   S.M. Krishna

c)   Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy

d)   Dharam Singh

Ans: a) Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy


16. Which one of the following cricketers holds the World Record of maximum number of sixes in Tests?

a)   Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)

b)   Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

c)   Wasim Akram (Pakistan)

d)   Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Ans: a) Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)


17. The Satradhikar who took an active role in social reform and freedom movement of India was

a)   Auniati Satradhikar-Pitambar Dev Goswami

b)   Bengenataliya Satradhikar-Banamali Dev Goswami

c)   Kamalabari Satradhikar-Dr. Narayan Dev Goswami

d)   Dakhin Patiya Satradhikar-Ramakanta Dev Goswami

      Ans: a) Auniati Satradhikar-Pitambar Dev Goswami


18. Which of the following countries was readmitted to the CommonWealth Games in recent times

a)   Myanmar

b)   Pakistan

c)   Nepal

d)   India

      Ans: b) Pakistan


19. Who is India’s First Women Grandmaster in chess?

a)   Aarthie Ramaswamy

b)   Koneru Humpy

c)   S. Meenakshi

d)   S. Vijaylakshmi

      Ans: d) S. Vijaylakshmi


20. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

a)   The Rocky-North America

b)   The Ural-Africa

c)   The Andes-South America


sp;  The Alps-Europe

      Ans: b) The Ural-Africa


21. Which of the following is the odd one that does not belong to the group of the other tree

a)   Alta Vista

b)   Excite

c)   America Online

d)   Vivisimo

      Ans: c) America Online


22. Which component of the DPT vaccine for children was changed in the past years?

a)   Pertussis

b)   Tetanus

c)   Diphtheria

d)   There has been no change in any of the components.

      Ans: a) Pertussis


23.One of the most important micro elements that must be added in large quantities to maximize crop yield in fields is

a)   Iron

b)   Nitrogen



d)   phosphorus

      Ans: b) Nitrogen


      24. In 1887, a German scientist created the world’s first synthetic drug whose name is and still widely used is

a)   Acetylsalicylic acid

b)   Fatty acid

c)   Carbonic acid

d)   Clavulanic acid

      Ans: a) Acetylsalicylic acid


25. The term Trade-related Investment Measures(TRIM) is related to which of the following?

a)   NAFTA

b)   SAPTA

c)   GATT

d)   EFTA

      Ans: c) GATT


26. Which among the following is not a mandatory banking merchant company?

a)   UTI

b)   SBI Caps

c)   Morgan Stanley

d)   Merrill Lynch

      Ans: a) UTI


27. Which is not a cause of inflation?

a)   Rapid growth of costly imports

b)   Slow growth in population

c)   Sow growth output of individual

d)   Slow growth of agricultural output

      Ans: b) Slow growth in population


28. The ex-officio chairman of the planning commission of India is

a)   Governor of Reserve Bank

b)   Finance minister

c)   The president

d)   The prime minister

      Ans: d) The prime minister


29. ICCR stands for

a)   Indian Council for cultural relations

b)   International Centre for criminal rehabilitation

c)   Indian chamber for commerce and revenue

d)   International Council for cultural relations

      Ans: a) Indian Council for cultural relations


      30. The world’s Largest gold buyer is

a)   India

b)   Russia

c)   China

d)   Ghana

      Ans: a) India


      31. Per capita income is calculated as

a)   Income per head of all the states of India divided by the Income per head of all the union territories

b)    individual income per head divided by the population

c)    gross national income divided by the total population

d)    total income divided by the Income per person

      Ans: c)  gross national income divided by the total population


32. Which one of the following is not a direct tax

a)   Wealth tax

b)   customs

c)   estate duty

d)   gift tax

      Ans: b) customs


33. The largest population of scheduled tribes in India is in the state of

a)   Madhya Pradesh

b)   Chhattisgarh

c)   Arunachal Pradesh

d)   Mizoram

      Ans: a) Madhya Pradesh


34. One nautical mile is equal to

a)   1.65 km

b)   1.85 km

c)   2.05 km


bsp;  2.35 km

      Ans: b) 1.85 km


35. Who wrote the famous book called Long walk to freedom?

a)   Nelson Mandela

b)   Jawaharlal Nehru

c)   A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

d)   Dr. Rajendra Prasad

      Ans: a) Nelson Mandela


36. The oldest oil field in India is located in

a)   Haldia

b)   Bombay High

c)   Paradeep

d)   Digboi

      Ans: d) Digboi


37. China acknowledged Sikkim as integral part of India during the Prime Ministerial tenure of

a)   Manmohan Singh

b)   Atal Bihari Bajpayee

c)   < /span>Chandra Sekhar

d)   Rajiv Gandhi

      Ans: b) Atal Bihari Bajpayee


38. Which one of the following pairs is not correct

a)   New York-Hudson

b)   Vienna-Volga

c)   Cairo-Nile

d)   Bonn-Rhine

      Ans: b) Vienna-Volga


      39. After the last assembly election, 2006 DMK president Muthuvel Karuna Nidhi became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for

a)   Third time

b)   Sixth time

c)   Fourth time

d)   Fifth time

      Ans: d) Fifth time


40.Which of the following is the first state to have been formed on the linguistic basis?

a)  Andhra Pradesh

b)  Gujarat

c)   Karnataka

d)   Punjab

Ans: a)  Andhra Pradesh


41. Eco Mark is given to the Indian Products that are:

a)   Pure and unadulterated

b)   environment friendly

c)   rich in proteins

d)   economically viable

      Ans: b) environment friendly


42. Which is the true Indian cities are connected by National Highway Number 1?

a)   Delhi and Mumbai (via Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Vadodara)

b)   Delhi and Amritsar (via Ambala and Jalandhar)

c)   Chandigarh and Manali (via Bijapur, Mandi and Kullu)

d)   Agra and Bikaner (via Jaipur)

Ans: b) Delhi and Amritsar (via Ambala and Jalandhar)


43. On which date, the prestigious NOBEL PRIZE is awarded?

a)   17 January

b)   30 November

c)   21 January

d)   10 December

      Ans: d) 10 December


44. The country which had the first family planning programme was

a)   USA

b)   India

c)   South Africa

d)   China

      Ans: b) India


45. In 1827, the Simon Commission was boycotted because

a)   It supported the Muslim League

b)   There were differences amongst its members

c)   There was no Indian member in the commission

d)   Congress fet that the people of India was entitled to Swaraj4

      Ans: c) There was no Indian member in the commission


46. Who presides over the joint meeting of both the houses of parliament?

a)    speaker of Lok Sabha

b)    Chief Justice of India

c)   < span lang="EN" style="font-size: 13.0pt; line-height: 115{37632549f10ffff720969b4ab77e00ced6668940cd3eefd99db86ec5b5daf659};"> Vice President of India

d)    president of India

      Ans: a) speaker of Lok Sabha


47.  The ex officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha

a)    Vice President of India

b)    president of India

c)    speaker of the Lok Sabha

d)    leader of the ruling party

Ans: a) Vice President of India


48.  In absence of the Chief Justice Of HIgh Court, the oath of the for the office of the Governor is administered by

a)    president of India

b)    Chief justice of the supreme court

c)    senior judge of the supreme court

d)    senior most judge of the High Court

      Ans: d) senior most judge of the High Court


49.  Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress?

a)     Vijayalakshmi Pandit

b)     Annie Besant

c)     Sarojini Naidu

d)     Aruna Ashraf Ali

Ans: b)  Annie Besant


50. Who among  the following attended three round table conferences

a)    Mahatma Gandhi

b)    Madan Mohan Malviya

c)    Dr Ambedkar

d)    Jawaharlal Nehru

      Ans: c)  Dr Ambedkar


51. Mahatma Gandhi was called the father of the nation first by

a)   Jawaharlal Nehru

b)    V Patel

c)    Subhas Chandra Bose

d)    B R Ambedkar

      Ans: b) V Patel


52. Vande Mataramwas composed by

a)    Rabinranath Tagore

b)    Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

c)    Bhupen Hazarika

d)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak

      Ans: b)  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee



53. Who among the following was an extremist turned spiritual leader?

a)   Aurobindo Ghosh

b)   Vinoba Bhave

c)   Swami Vivekananda

d)   M.N. Roy

      Ans: a) Aurobindo Ghosh


54. Purna Swaraj resolution was adopted by the Congress in

a)   1903

b)   1914

c)   1928

d)   1940


: c) 1928


55. The Earth’s shape most closely resembles to that of

a)   A basketball

b)   A pear

c)   A ping-pong ball

d)   An apple

      Ans: b) A pear

56. The envelope of air in contact with the Earth’s crust is called

a)   The atmosphere

b)   The exosphere

c)   The stratosphere

d)   The troposphere

      Ans: d) The troposphere


57. Which are the two most abundantly found elements by mass in Earth’s crust

a)   Calcium and Carbon

b)   Aluminium and Iron

c)   Oxygen and Silicon

d)   Sodium and Chlorine

      Ans: c) Oxygen and Silicon


58. How are latitude and longitude drawn on the globe of Earth?

a)   Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the equator

b)   Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the poles

c)   Longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the equator

d)   Longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the poles

      Ans: b)  Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the poles


59.  Which radioactive isotope is the most useful for nuclear power generation?

a)    uranium 235

b)    uranium 238

c)    carbon 14

d)    rubidium 87

      Ans: b) uranium 238


60.  Energy is transferred from the sun to the earth mainly by

a)    infrared radiation

b)    Visible light

c)    ultraviolet radiation

d)    molecular collision in the atmosphere

      Ans: b) Visible Light


61. Which planet takes more time to complete one rotation on its axis than to complete one revolution around the sun?

a)    Venus

b)    Mars

c)    Mercury

d)    Jupiter

     Ans: a) Venus


62. The third most abundant gas in the atmosphere is

a)   Argon

b)   Nitrogen

c)   Oxygen

d)   Carbon dioxide

      Ans: a) Argon


63. The obnoxious smell near a pulp and sugar mill is due to

a)< span style="font: 7.0pt "Times New Roman";">   Aromatic hydrocarbons

b)   Organic sulfur compounds

c)   Hydrogen sulfide

d)   Carbon dioxide

      Ans: c) Hydrogen sulfide


64. Most cell membranes are composed of

a)   DNA and ATP

b)   Nucleotides and amino acids

c)   Protein and lipids

d)   Chitin and starch

      Ans: c) Protein and lipids


65. Which are the four most abundant elements found in the living cells?

a)   Carbon,sulfur,magnesium,hydrogen

b)   Carbon,nitrogen,oxygen,hydrogen

c)   Carbon,sulfur,oxygen,nitrogen

d)   Carbon,oxygen,phosphorus,sulfur

      Ans: b) Carbon,nitrogen,oxygen,hydrogen


66. Because the gene for hemophilia is located on the X chromosome, it is impossible for

a)   A carrier mother to pass the gene to her son

b)   A hemophilia father to pass the gene to his daughter

c)   A carrier mother to pass the gene to her daughter

d)   A hemophilia father to pass the gene to his son

      Ans: d) A hemophilia father to pass the gene to his son


67. Presence of fluoride in drinking water is due to the

a)   Dental fluorosis

b)   Mottling of teeth

c)   Skeletal fluorosis

d)   All of the above

      Ans: d) All of the above


68. Identify the national highway that connects Shillong and Guwahati

a)   NH-31

b)   NH-40

c)   NH-39

d)   NH-37

      Ans: b) NH-40


69. The occurrence of oil seepage in Assam’s Burhi-Dihing at Sapkhong in 1825 was recorded by

a)   Varrier Elwin

b)   Lieut R. Wilcox

c)   Sir Good Enough

d)   Robert Bruce

      Ans: b) Lieut R. Wilcox