75 Questions Must Know Before Sitting on Exam-Previously Asked GK

1.    On August 16, 1998, the last U.S.A struck Afghanistan with their Tomahawk cruise missiles because their target was

a)    Osama Bin Laden

b)    Communist Militia

c)    Taliban Militia

d)    Iranian build up along the Afghan Iran border

Ans: a) Osama Bin Laden


2.  Which of the following is not correct about the Lokpal Bill?

a)    The Bill has 32 clauses.

b)    The committee headed by the Vice-President would recommend the name of a person for appointment as Lokpal Chairperson by the President of India.

c)    It seeks to bring under the purview of Prevention of Corruption Act,the Union Cabinet Ministers in  November 1998.

d)     It was introduced in the Lok Sabha  by the ministers including the Prime Minister.

Ans:  b) The committee headed by the Vice-President would recommend the name of a person for appointment as Lokpal Chairperson by the President of India.


3.  NATO was expanded on May 22, 1998 by including

a)  Turkey, Hungary and Czech Republic.

b)  Turkey, Serbia and Slovak Republic.

c)  Hungary, Czech and slovak Republic.

d)  Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.

Ans: d)  Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.


4.  Which of the following statements is incorrect about the International Space Station?

a)  The Russian-built Zarya module and the USA built Unity module fitted together for the first time.

b)  It revolves around the earth at a height of about 1000 km.

c)  It came into reality in  December 1998.

d)  The project seeks to join more than hundred Space Station components.

Ans: b) It revolves around the earth at a height of about 1000 km.


5. The Euro seems to have thrown down a challenge to

a) US dollar

b) Hong Kong dollar

c) Singapore dollar

d) Australian dollar

Ans: a) US dollar


6. Which world leader commented as follows on US-British air strikes in Iraq (Operation Desert Fox): “ This is a sad day for the UN and the world”.

a) Nelson Mandela

b) Jiang Zemin

c) Kofi Annan

d) Boris Yelstin

Ans: c) Kodi Annan


7. Which  former Republic is moving towards ‘voluntary unification’ with Russia even while retaining its national sovereignty?

a) Ukraine

b) Kazakhstan

c) Belarus

d) Uzbekistan

Ans: c) Belarus


8.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on:

a) 10 December 1948

b) 10 December 1945

c)  10 December 1955

d)  1 June 1946

Ans: a)  10 December 1948


9. The 2004 Olympic Games was held in

a) Rome

b) Athens

c) Tokyo

d) Sydney

Ans: b) Athens


10. Among the following, which one is the latest regional economic bloc to be formed?





Ans: d) NAFTA


11. Bishop Carlos Fellipe Ximenes Belo and Romos-Horta shared the Nobel Prize in

a) 1992

b) 1969

c) 1996

d) 1979

Ans: c) 1996


12. To prevent the spreading of social cancer i.e. corruption CBI has been entrusted with the task of exposing the truth. Which year the CBI institution was formed?

a) 1995

b) 1963

c) 1975

d) 1998

Ans: b) 1963


13. Place that is meant for Research and experimental purpose in the Antarctica is

a) Indira Point

b) lake Priyadarshini

c) Dakshin Gangotri

d) Panganama

Ans: c)  Dakshin Gangotri


14. Which of the following regions of Asia is experiencing the highest growth rate of the population?

a) Middle East Asia

b) South East Asia

c) West Asia

d) Central Asia

Ans: b) South East Asia


15. The most important condition laid down by India for signing the CTBT has been stated as:

 a) Pakistan should be declared as a terrorist state.

 b) India should be recognised as a nuclear power .

 c) India should be free to develop the capacity for nuclear deterrence in the interest of her own    national security.

 d) India should be admitted as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Ans: c) India should be free to develop the capacity for nuclear deterrence in the interest of her own national security.


16. The International year of the ocean is

 a) 1998

 b) 1965

 c) 1970

 d) 1990

 Ans: a) 1998


17. India was represented in the G-15 summit in Cairo by

 a) G. Mc. Balayogi

 b) Krishnakant

 c) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

 d) L K Advani

Ans: c) Atal Bihari Vajpayee


18. The author of the book “ India 2020”

 a) Lt. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

 b) Arun Shourie

 c) Vikram Seth

 d) Arundhati Roy

 Ans: a) Lt. Dr.  APJ Abdul Kalam


 19. One monthly magazine published in Assam still cost Re 25 per paise. Its name is

 a) ALOK


 c) Prantic

 d) Jugasankha

 Ans: b) ASOMA


20.Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra is built as

a) cultural achievement of the state government

b) cultural achievement of the central

c) a consequence of Assam Accord

d) work based on voluntary contributions of the people of  Assam

Ans: c) a consequence of the Assam Accord


21. The film “Elizabeth” is directed by

a) Scarlet Pimperel

b) Deepa Mehta

c) Pijusha Jha

d) Sekhar Kapoor

Ans: d) Sekhar Kapoor


22. The animal that was unknown to the Indus Valley Civilisation was

a) Elephant

b) Bull

c) Horse

d) Cow

Ans: c) Horse


23. The dockyard of the Indus Valley Civilisation was found at

a) Lothal

b) Kalibanga

c) Ropar

d) Rangpur

Ans: a) Lothal


24. The ultimate source of law for the vedic thinkers are:

a) People

b) Dharma

c) Monarch

d) Council of Ministers

Ans: b) Dharma


25. Dipavamsa is written in

a) Pali

b) Hindi

c) Magadha

d) None of the above

Ans; a) Pali


26. The form of government in the Rig Vedic age

a) Direct Democracy

b) Merchant’s Guild

c) Oligarchy

d) Hereditary monarchy

Ans: d) Hereditary monarchy


27. Ashoka did not ask for

a) Respect for the present

b) devotion to the Buddhist sangha

c) to refrain from vioence

d) reverence to all ascetics

Ans: b) devotion to the Buddhist sangha


28. The capital of Kanishka was

a) Jalandhar

b) Kanishkapura

c) Purusapura

d) Sakal

Ans: c) Purusapura


29. Harshavardhana was defeated by the kings of

a) Sungas

b) Maukheris

c) Satvahanas

d) Chalukyas

Ans: d) Chalukyas


30. The Mughal Emperor that was granted Dewani to the East India Company was

a) Shah Alam II

b) Shah Alam I

c) Bahadur Shah II

d) Bahadur Shah I

Ans: a) Shah Alam II

31. The Revolt of 1857 in Bihar was led by

a) Nana Saheb

b) Tatya Tope

c) Konwar Singh

d) Khan Bahadur Khan

Ans: c) Konwar Singh


32. The Durand line demarcates the borderline between India and

a) Nepal

b) China

c) Afghanistan

d) Bhutan

Ans: c) Afghansistan


33. Who said ‘minority cannot be allowed to veto the political progress of the majority’?

a) Attle

b) A. V. Alexander

c) Cripps

d) President Wilson

Ans: a) Attle


34. Saugali treaty was concluded between the Britishers and

a) Afghans

b) Gorkhas

c) Pindaris

d) Marathas

Ans: b) Gorkhas


35. Who among the following was not a martyr of th Quit India Movement.

a) Kanaklata

b) Bhogeswari Phukanani

c) Kushal Konwar

d) Maniram Dewan

Ans: d) Maniam Dewan


36. The “Young Bengal” was formed by

a) Lousie Vivian Direjo

b) Surendranath Banerjee

c) Annie Besant

d) Subhash Chandra Bose

Ans: a) Lousie Vivian Direjo


37. Who did not belong to the Junaki Yug?

a) Lakshminath Bezbaruah

b) Nidhiram Farwell

c) Chandrakumar Agarwala

d) Hemchandra Goswami

Ans: b) Nidhiram Farwell


38. The Nathula Pass, that connects Tibet with Sikkim is located at an altitude of

a) 14,400 ft

b) 15,000 ft

c) 15,500 ft

d) 19,000 ft

Ans: a) 14,400 ft


39. Which of the following pass is located close to the Chinese boundary

a) Jelep La Pass

b) Nathu La Pass

c) Tashi View Pass

d) Shipki La Pass

Ans: a) Jelep La Pass


40. The United Arab Emirates

is made up of

a) Five Sheikhdoms

b) Six Sheikhdoms

c) Seven Sheikhdoms

d) Nine Sheikhdoms

Ans: c) Seven Sheikhdoms


41. Which one of the following pairs of countries and capitals is wrongly matched?



a.    Belgium


b.    Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

c.    North Korea


d.    Sudan


 Ans: d) Sudan            Omdurman


42. Which among the following statements is not correct?

a)    Of All the African countries, Nigeria has the highest population.

b)    The river Rio Grande is situated in North America.

c)    The only dependent territory in Europe is Gibraltar.

d)    California has a temperate maritime climate.

Ans: c) The only dependent territory in Europe is Gibraltar.


43. Maoris is used for the original people of

a)    Tasmania

b)    South Africa

c)    New Zealand

d)    Fiji

Ans: c) New Zealand


44. Most of the world’s wheat-producing regions have

a)    More than 1500 mm of rainfall.

b)    Less than 300 mm of rainfall.

c)    Very high rainfall.

d)    Less than 1000 mm of rainfall.

Ans: d) Less than 1000 mm of rainfall.


45. Which of the following statements is correct?

a)    Maharashtra produces iron ore

b)    Uttar Pradesh has no Cement factory

c)    Punjab produces rice

d)    Andaman Islands have no indigenuous population

Ans: c) Punjab produces rice


46. The smallest state in India from the viewpoint of the area is

a)    Goa

b)    Sikkim

c)    Nagaland

d)    Tripura

Ans: a) Goa


47. Punjab in winter gets rainfall because of

a)    Retreating monsoon

b)    Cyclones coming from Mediterranean and Gulf of Iran

c)    Southwest monsoon

d)    North east trade wind

Ans: b) Cyclones coming from Mediterranean and Gulf of Iran


48. Among the following, which of these are not applicable to Gujarat?

a)    It is the largest producer of groundnut

b)    It is the largest producer of tobacco

c)    It is the largest producer of salt

d)    It is the largest producer of milk product

Ans: b) It is per largest producer of tobacco


49. India is self-sufficient in all of the following minerals except

a)    Coal

b)    Copper

c)    Manganese

d)    Mica

Ans: b) Copper


50. The first railway line in India from Bombay to Pune passes through

a)    Palghat

b)    Thal Ghat

c)    Bhorghat

d)    Sengottan Pass

Ans: c) Bhorghat


51. The limestone required for the Bokajan Cement factory comes mainly from

a)    Silbheta

b)    Dambuk

c)    Koliajan

d)    Dilai hill

Ans: d) Dilai hill


52. Nameri wildlife sanctuary, which has recently been upgraded to a National Park, is located in which of the following districts?

a)    Sonitpur

b)    Dhemaji

c)    Tinsukia

d)    North Cachar Hills

Ans: a) Sonitpur


53. The total area cropped in Assam now stands at about

a)    27 million hectares

b)    20 million hectares

c)    15 Million hectares

d)    12 million hectares

< span lang="EN">Ans: a) 27 million hectares


54. The Gai, a tributary of Brahmaputra is situated between

a)    The Dibang and Dihang

b)    The Dibang and Subansiri

c)    The Subansiri and the Bharati

d)    The Bharati and the Bornadi

Ans: b) The Dibang and Subansiri


55. ‘………..that though India was to be a federation, the federation was not the result of an agreement by the states to join in a federation, and that the agreement, no state has the right to secede from it.The Federation is a union because it is indestructible.’Who made the statement during the Constituent Assembly debates?

a)    Jawaharlal Nehru

b)    Sardar Patel

c)    Rajendra Prasad

d)    Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Ans: d) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


56. Relating to the nature of the Indian Polity, the Preamble is

a)    merely declaratory

b)    too idealistic

c)    beautifully vague

d)    part of the Constitution

Ans: d) part of the Constitution


57. Panchayati Raj institutions (PRIs) became constitutionalized bodies under:

a)    Article 12 of the Constitution

b)    Article 40 of the Constitution

c)    The 64th Amendment Bill of 1989

d)    The 73rd and 74th amendment (1992) to the Constitution

Ans: d) The 73rd and 74th amendment (1992) to the Constitution


58. Under Article 243 ZD, a District Planning committee forwards the draft development plan for the district as a whole covering Panchayats and Municipalities (after consolidating their plans) to:

a)    the Planning Commission

b)    Governor of the State

c)    the Government of the State

d)  &nb

sp; Union Finance Minister

Ans: c) the Government of the State


59. Among the following, which is wrongly matched?

a)    December 9, 1947 – First meeting of the Constituent Assembly

b)    November 26, 1949 – People of India enacted and gave to themselves the Constitution

c)    January 24, 1950 – The constitution was finally signed by the members of the Constituent Assembly

d)    January 26, 1950 – Date of commencement of the Constitution

Ans: a) December 9, 1947 – First meeting of the Constituent Assembly


60. The Dinesh Goswami Committee was concerned with which of the following:

a)    de-nationalization of banks

b)    electoral reforms

c)    insurgency in the North-East

d)    the problem of the Chakmas

 Ans: b) electoral reforms


61. Subjects entrusted to the care of the Panchayats are listed in:

a)    11th schedule

b)    12th schedule

c)    state list

d)    7th schedule

Ans: a) 11th schedule


62. Which amendment provides for an authoritative version of the constitution in Hindi?

a)    56th amendment

b)    58th amendment

c)    60th amendment

d)    61st amendment

Ans: b) 58th amendment


63. The Supreme Court ruled the Parliament had no power to change the basic structure of the Constitution in:

a)    Golamukh case

b)    Minerva Mills case

c)    Kesavananda Bharati case

d)    Gopalan case

Ans: c) Kesavananda Bharati case


64. The Union Cabinet (January 1999) approved draft Ninth Plan (1997 – 2002) amounting to:

a)    Rs. 374000 crore

b)    Rs 290000 crore

c)    Rs 859000 crore

d)    Rs 10000 crore

Ans: c) Rs 859000 crore


65. As per Reserve Bank of India figures (3rd week of January 1999), the country’s forex (Foreign exchange) reserves stood at:

a)    US dollar 30,108 million

b)    US dollar 27,000 million

c)    US dollar 25,000 million

d)    US dollar 29,000 million

Ans: d) US dollar 29,000 million


66. Which one of the following Five-year plan recognised human development as the core of all development efforts?

a)    Third five year plan

b)    Fifth five year plan

c)    Sixth five year plan

d)    Eighth five year plan

Ans: d) Eighth five year plan


67. A major shift in the 8th Five-Year plan  from its preceding ones is

a)    The significant reduction in public sector outlays

b)    The concentration of public investment in infrastructure sectors

c)    Major investment in agriculture to promote exports

d)    Major investment in sectors in which industrial sickness has been a chronic problem

Ans: c) Major investment in agriculture to promote exports


68. The concept of mixed economy envisages:

a)    integrated and balanced economic development

b)    balanced development of agriculture and industry

c)    equal importance to economic and social values

d)    co-existence of public a

nd private sectors

Ans: d) co-existence of public and private sectors


69. The principle of communal representation in India was first introduced by

a)    The Indian Council Act, 1861

b)    The Indian Council Act, 1892

c)    The Indian Council Act, 1909

d)    The Govt. of India Act, 1892

Ans: d) The Govt. of India Act, 1892


70. Who edited ‘Young India’?

a)    Lala Lajpat Rai

b)    Annie Besant

c)    Mahatma Gandhi

d)    S.N. Banerjee

Ans: c) Mahatma Gandhi


71. Who founded the ‘Servants of India Society’?

a)    M.G. Ranade

b)    G.K. Gokhale

c)    S.N. Banerjee

d)    Dada Bhai naoroji

Ans: b) G.K. Gokhale


72. ‘The Surat Split was the saddest episode in the history of the Congress’ was said by:

a)    B.G. Tilak

b)    S.N. Banerjee

c)    Annie Besant

d)    Lala Lajpat Rai

Ans: d) Lala Lajpat Rai


73. For whom did Valentine Chirol say,”He was the Father of India Unrest”?

a)    B.C. Pal

b)    Lala Lajpat Rai

c)    B.G. Tilak

d)    Bhagat Singh

Ans: c) B.G. Tilak


74. Which Bill was being debated in the Central Legislative Assembly when Bhagat Singh threw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly in 1929?

a)    Trade Dispute Bill

b)    Public Safety Bill

c)    IIber Bill

d)    None of these

Ans: a) Trade Dispute Bill

        b) Public Safety Bill


75. ‘These deaths, injuries, humiliations and atrocities are the price of liberty, a price or country is asked to pay for its desire to be free’. Who said those words?

a)    Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

b)    T.R. Phukan

c)    Gopinath Bordoloi

d)    Padmadhar Chaliha

Ans: c) Gopinath Bordoloi